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    Ice Fishing in Oromocto, NB and area

    Your best bet is to check with the local DNR , the last time I checked there were certain lakes that were off limits for Ice Fishing. Not that you run much of a chance of seeing a Ranger out and about anyway, but better safe then sorry .
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    Why Can't Softwoods Be Resolved ?

    Atlantic Canada most certainly is a problem or I guess I should say has a problem , in that the mills cant get rid of the end product so they dont buy anymore from the little guys (like me), the Maritime Mafia 9Irving ) passes it on down the line. I wholeheartadly believe that the US is willing...
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    Why Can't Softwoods Be Resolved ?

    I dont know if Id say hes fighting with more resolve now.....mabey shooting his mouth off to make some points with the voters, now that he is going to the polls very shortly. He is trying to ensure that he doesnt loose any seats in Atlantic Canada  by apearing to stand up to that big meany...
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    Canadians no longer remember

    Actuall the press that I listened to reported that in most places there were more people "out" that most could remember .
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    Canadians no longer remember

    Im not sure about the GTA ,I did however see about 20 to 25 people in Tide Head NB waiting to wave and say hello to a train load of Vets going to the National Service in Ottawa. All in all Id say people are "remembering "more than ever, at least here in the sticks. The last time I saw that many...
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    New Ford Ambulances

    Just wondering which engine they come with , the older 7.3 or the new 6 lt. If its the new 6 you will need lots of fuel conditioner and clean fuel , we have had alot of down time, with injector problems, Im told by the dealer that the injectors run at higher pressures and are  smaller, thus have...
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    Borden Medics Rideouts with Angus Paramedics

    "Ok.....I actually contacted my boss about this subject. The problem lies with liability. FD MFRs and paramedic students are covered by their respective agency or school, when they ride the trucks. After the incident with the Med Tech from Greenwood (Med Tech....not SAR Tech), ride-alongs for...
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    Edmonton Soldier faces child pornography charges

    Hopefully he will get sent down ....but you just wait and see if he doesnt end up with house arrest , time served , probation  etc....
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    PT and Physical Fitness Level

    Grouse grind????
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    HMCS Toronto

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows when  or if any ships will be open to the public for a visit in Halifax?
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    What book are you reading now?

    The Five Fingers -Gayle Rivers
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    Gen Dallaires move to the big screen

    This ought to be interesting HALIFAX (CP) - Telefilm Canada has approved funding for production of a feature film based on retired Lt.-Gen. Romeo Dallaire's searing book Shake Hands With the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda, says the Halifax Film Company and Toronto's Barna-Alper...
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    The David Ahenakew Thread- Merged

    "Well thought out and succinctly expressed, Marty.  If one Judge says so, it MUST be correct...." In the Judges opinion it was the correct verdict, the accused is free to appeal , Im not sure what you mean by the "If one Judge says so , it must be correct" statement . This man was charged and...
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    The David Ahenakew Thread- Merged

    "This guy obviously has some issues, but our legal system is being supremely arrogant in overruling the Charter Right to freedom of speech just because it is distasteful." "I guess the Charter of Rights and Freedoms only applies to those with politically correct causes...  Lips Sealed" It isnt...
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    Fighting & Winning The Global War on Terror (WW IV)

    " it is a real enemy attacking us, in our home-towns" IMHO this is semantics........I think "Enemy" is the correct term for these O2 burners , and its high time they are teated as such
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    What's the size of your......hometown?

    I have no idea ......I always thought it was an extremely cool name though. It's  in the area of Fort Beasejour though, so Ive always wondered if that had something to do with it , now that you've mentioned it Ill have to try and find out.
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    What's the size of your......hometown?

    Yep about 10 min away from Sackville NB ............close to the NB / NS boarder
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    What's the size of your......hometown?

    British Settlement N.B ,100 or so, 110 during the population explosion of 88
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    What book are you reading now?

    Ghost Have Warm Hands  by Will Bird
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    Canada Day!!!

    Taking the kiddies to the beach , fireworks and then to bed .......Ive got a case of Alpine lined up as well as  Norm Christies" For King and Empire" WW1