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    revocation of commission

    No wasn't looking for free advise. Looking for regulations regarding the removal of a commission. Now I know there isn't one. He will be forced out if he refuses the COT to the ranks. The truth is irrelevant to my original question. So is this conversation from this point on. Thx for your time.
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    revocation of commission

    Why is it the presumption of guilt? Those in command are not impervious, they too can make mistakes. Other than that I can't discuss an ongoing administrative process. Again thanks for the info. I now know what the possibilities are. Release, fight, or accept the COT to the ranks. I'll advise...
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    revocation of commission

    But in that is the argument, he is competent but very much disliked because he will not toe the party line.
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    revocation of commission

    The question and situation is not clear cut, but what I am trying to determine if it can be forced. Going by what has been said, no he can't be forced administratively. The capt is being called into question based on a combination of suitability and competence. Arguments are being made that he...
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    revocation of commission

    This is a situation of a capt being recommended for a COT to the ranks. Hence the question, under what authority can this be done? I'm researching with no luck. He has not done anything illegal.
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    revocation of commission

    Where would I find the rules and regulations governing the removal of the Queen's commission from an officer? Thus far I've searched through the QR&O's and everything else I could think of, and other than references to williams loosing his commission, there is nothing referencing under what...
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    Artillery Officer Merged Thread

    Not sure what you're talking about, I've seen guys promoted to Capt. in less than a year. Half of my phase 4/DP 1.2 were promoted to Lt. at the grad parade. For me life as an Arty officer; DP training does not prepare you for everything you will have to know how to do. Otherwise I love it :).
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    Next Few Officer Selection Boards???

    DEO Selection Boards: 26 June 07, 24 July 07, 11 Sept. 07, 16 Oct. 07. These dates were given to me by the PSO in Toronto. All positions are filled through August. Thus expect an offer in Sept. or Oct. In my case anyway...
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    Physical Fitness (Jogging, Diet, Cardiovascular, and Strength )

    This is an exercise I came up with; I call it the Iron Super Man, 12 exercises in one. With an Olympic bar loaded with your weight. 1) Dead lift, hold the bar and 2) Calf raise, 3) Shoulder shrug/trap squeeze 4) Power clean, 5) Squat, bar is across your chest/shoulders, 6) Press over the head...
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    What is your military status?

    Engineers, trying to get in to the chair farce.