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    Service Number allocation

    Haggis is spot on (as I recall it). But I've got to ask - what does it matter?
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    3649 Asks: MP Academy, Overtime & Time Off

    That would be YOUR fault, wouldn't it. For the record - I'm retired from the CF and self-employed.  Sometimes I'm here for hours on end, sometimes I'm absent for days on end - it all depends on what's happening at the moment. No need to apologize for that.  You might want to apologize for your...
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    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    A former RMS Clk should know not to try twisting regulations to suit themselves. I rather doubt (although I am not in a position to KNOW) the CF is paying any kind of bonus for RMS Clks. You state you have previous Reserve experience, and accomplished your QL3.  That's good, and it'll hold you...
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    "Canadian general vents anger over bombings to Afghan village elders"

    At the beginning of the first Gulf War, I was interviewed (with the CO's approval) by a local television station.  I had recently returned from Iran and Iraq (deployed with UNIIMOG - not the war), and was the closest thing they could find to someone with "recent experience" in the area. The...
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    Any new tricks for an old Dog ?

    I am acquainted with a few commercial fisherman. From what I know of them, your experience will hold you in good stead.  They are, for the most part, in good physical shape.  They are used to working as a team in harsh conditions.  They are used to reacting quickly to changing situations.  They...
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    Pay deduction for tour kit not returned...

    I've been a civi for 5 years now, and I take exception to this particular remark.  However, we'll leave that for another time. Hopefully, you can make arrangements to get the kit back without losing time at work, AND without incurring the admin deduction previously discussed.  Of course, if...
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    Pay deduction for tour kit not returned...

    Can you get it to a trusted friend, or someone in your CofC who could take care of it for you? I assume the kit needs to be returned to Base Clothing.  Can you arrange to turn it in to your unit QM on a Wednesday night, and have them do the necessary paperwork? Can your CofC intercede on your...
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    Remedial Measures DAOD 4019-4 [merged]

    Nope. RW and C&P were SUPPOSED to be on your file for "life", for all the reasons Armyvern outlined. Some folks (me included - on a couple of occasions) took it upon themselves to "expunge" the record.  They (probably mostly without knowledge) and I (with FULL knowledge) decided that they (I)...
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    A&W Papa Burgers: The choice of Griffon pilots everywhere

    If they're driving the BLACK helicopters, they can see EVERYTHING.
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    For the size of Canada, how large should our armed force be?

    What part of: didn't you understand? When I put the "Milnet.ca Staff" under my name, it means that I'm talking on behalf of the site owner. Take 24 hours and come up with the links mentioned before you post again. Roy Harding Milnet.ca Staff Edited to clarify a thought.
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    Remedial Measures DAOD 4019-4 [merged]

    According to your profile, you are an OCDT still at RMC. By the time you have subordinates, you will have figured it out (hopefully).  By the time you are CDS, you will have figured out the big picture, too (hopefully). Right now, however, you just need to get your act together, concentrate on...
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    Remedial Measures DAOD 4019-4 [merged]

    What part of "fix your pants" and "stop whining" didn't you understand? Don't you have better things to do than whine about a bad inspection?  Like, I don't know, CONCENTRATING on your field of study? If you're going to make such tremendous mountains out of such little mole hills, you're in...
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    For the size of Canada, how large should our armed force be?

    Dean22: You are talking out of your hat. Bring up VALID and AUTHORITATIVE (NOT Wikipedia) links before you post in this thread again. Roy Harding Milnet.ca Staff
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    Remedial Measures DAOD 4019-4 [merged]

    Fix your damned pants. Stop whining. Not necessarily in that order.
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    Im calling you out

    It shouldn't surprise you.  Who do you think is conceiving, approving, and implementing this "mentality to training"?  Your 18 - 22 year old course mates?
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    "So You Want To Be A Pilot" Merged Thread 2002 - 2018

    Is "bootcamp" a term in current use amongst OCDTs, or perhaps Pilots? It used to be an Americanism.  Canadians tend(ed) to use the term "basic".  Much like the difference between "recce" and "recon", amongst others. An interesting blog - I skimmed through a lot of it.
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    Protesting while serving

    No - the problem with your ANSWERS is that you refuse to see what others are saying. "How do you take responsibility and become accountable for hundreds to thousands of people"  - funny that, Generals have been doing that with Armies for a LONG, LONG, LONG time.  It is not a skill which cannot...
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    Protesting while serving

    Mellian: Do not mistake my previous post in favour of lawful protest as support in any way for your position regarding "the authorities".  I WAS one of "the authorities" for most of my adult life - and what others here have said regarding escalation, minimal use of force, and "instigators"...
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    Satellite Comms & the Army

    PuckChaser has offered you some help via PM.  Take it there. At your suggestion - moving on ....  Locked. Roy Harding Milnet.ca Staff
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    On the West Coast.

    "Back in time" is GOOD. At the moment, I'm making my living by making reproduction furniture using the ORIGINAL methods (no power tools) - and it pays handsomely.