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    Wanted - Theater Made Items (AFG)

    Jammer, No, I am not a curator at a museum - just a collector. I understand and respect those who wish to hang onto such pieces, however I was more or less throwing my interest out there - to see if by chance, there was any response from anyone who felt up to parting with any pieces. It's...
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    Wanted - Theater Made Items (AFG)

    Greetings. Figured I'd post this, see where it goes.... Looking for Theater Made Items (Afghanistan). Looking to purchase such for my Militaria collection - not for some 'Walter Mitty' Airsoft use! That being said....item or item's would be going to a good place as opposed to being used on...
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    Wanted: Pre-Cadpat Tactical Vest

    Looking for a Pre-Cadpat Tactical Vest in used condition. The issue one with the snap buttons and the large pocket on the back, or the trial version with the fastex and mesh. Anyhow, thanks for reading this. Cheers. Ross_79  :cdn: