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    Questions about the "One free flight"

    Here's a LTA question that I get about as many responses to as there are clerks in the military: I'll be traveling to Vancouver from Halifax to visit my NOK, and will be claiming the flight via LTA. However, on the return flight home, I was hoping to go to Montreal vice Halifax. If I...
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    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    Ok, was "under the impression" - sorry for disturbing the peace.
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    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    Hey all, Just a quick question. Having researched a bit I know you get a return of contributions if let's say you VR with less than 10 years in (at least I think you do)....I always thought there was a return of contribution when you leave once your VIE is completed, but a PO informed me there...
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    Foreign Exchange programs??

    Any similar website for RegF?? I appreciate all your responses thus far
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    Foreign Exchange programs??

    Hey lot, I was wondering if anyone had some information as to whether we in Canada partake in exchanges (for NCMs) with other allied countries, ie UK, AUS, US etc.? I read a snippet in the CFAOs which was quite broad, and I've heard a multitude of things, from straight no's, to you have to be...
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    Nova Scotia Thread- Merged

    Hey all. Yes I searched  ;) I'm in the middle of my 3s course right now at Esq, and hopefully getting posted to HFX. I know the Hfx equivalent to Nelles is basically ABlock, but is there an equivalent to Bernays? Are they single occupancy rooms? How do I go about getting a room before I move...
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    Component Transfer (CT) - Regular to Reserve [MERGED]

    Thanks George. I know this is probably an impossible question to answer precisely, but could anyone ballpark the time length for a CT + OT??
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    Component Transfer (CT) - Regular to Reserve [MERGED]

    Would it ultimately be better to just VR and reapply with the Army PRes instead of OT and CT, with BMQ already under my belt and what not?
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    Component Transfer (CT) - Regular to Reserve [MERGED]

    Hi, So out of curiosity, and I know it isn't too common, is there a way, as a Pte to switch from the Reg Force to PRes?? Not that I don't like the RegF or nothing  :P Its just I want to know if there's a way to still serve and pursue my own goals (ie. school on my own time [without having to...
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    Boot cleaning / polishing / care of

    So I kind of messed up a pair of my parade boots in basic, and need to start over, but don't know how to go about it...any suggestions?
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    Will the CF help me out with school at all?

    I'm on leave right now, and sitting on PAT for what seems like will be a very long time. Anyways, instead of just sitting there staring at a wall, I wouldn't mind heading back to school to finish my degree, even if its just night classes. So first question is, can I even do this? Second question...
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    Are Level III security checks done before attending BMQ??

    (Yes I searched) My question pertains primarily to the NAV COMM trade, which as I understand, requires a Level III security clearance. But its also in demand ATM. Does this mean I'll get all my paperwork done and have to wait a year + (as rumours have it) for my Level III to be processed before...
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    Couple of lifestyle questions

    Wondering if anyone has some insight. First, does the Army ever send the anglais' to Valcartier, re: combat arms? Mon francais est merde, but I think a posting in Valcartier would be wicked. Second, how likely is it that you'll be moved as an NCM. Do they ever, like they used to commonly do in...
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    References Superthread [Merged]

    I have a question, and to start of, yes, I have called the recruiters, and the three different answers I received were all different. It says on the application that you must list 5 references who you've known continuously for at least 5 years, further that they should be a mix of work...
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    Guys, I really need some advice about joining. Badly.

    I have a question about recruiting.. I recently moved to the UK (I'm full-on Canadian though with dual citizenship) hoping to join the Army here in the Motherland...main reason being that I wanted some sort of guarantee that I'd be seeing action...which wouldn't have been very sure with the CF...
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    Subsidized Education - ROTP

    Hello All, I am currently in my first year at a university college here in Vancouver. I was wondering, is it possible to transfer into RMC after my first year of college (into ROTP). Further, will they look at just college marks, or high school as well (in addition to the usual volunteer, work...
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    A short story and poem

    Well I've been doing a lot of writing in my  English and Literature courses so I thought I would share some with you, both pertaining to the army. The short story doesn't have much to do with my reasonings to join but the poem does. First the story. You crouch in the foxhole; no where to run...
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    Marks / Grades: School / GED or PLAR [MERGED]

    Im kind of in the same boat as you. Due to lack of motivation, laziness, and not caring my marks have suffered. Im just about to finish grade 12 and will hopefully be sitting at a 77%ish, but my math mark bombs. I'm going to do summer school math hopefully to crank 'er up, attend a community...
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    How to get family on board

    I guess when you put your life on the line day in and day out you can see through the bullsh!t and see what really matters.
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    How to get family on board

    Thats exactly what I'm going to do. Going to call the Seaforths tomorrow