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    Soldiers of The Highland Light Infantry of Canada 1939 - 1946

    Ancestery.ca would probably work. Might evan be able to pull up deployment records and travel documents from the war. Last names might be enough to get you started.
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    When should I apply?

    an option could be to complete the application prepare all your character references and spend the rest of the school year committing to things like volunteering, focusing on your schooling and working out,  all the stuff that will look good in the application process. That way while all your...
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    Need help with capbadge....

    I am QL5 infantry and was a Patricia for 6 years but am now a QL0 comm research. that being said I would expect any Patricia to punch me in the face for wearing the cap badge while not being a member of the unit.
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    How to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan / Pakistan (and win the war on terror)

    I did after I posted. I'm confused is he for real or is he some kind of satirical internet character thought up by someone with an odd sense of humor either way he amuses me slightly lol.
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    How to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan / Pakistan (and win the war on terror)

    Am I the only one to find this crazy. Unless this is the basis for an Axis and allies expansion pack it almost resembles a schizophrenic rant. Very interesting read but here on planet Earth it would most likely be logistically and politically impossible considering the bombing of a sovereign...
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Water On Knee, Hurts When Running Prior to BMQ

    Don't worry about it there is very minimal p.t for the first 4 weeks. Actually for the entire course if you are in shape. It all depends how bad you want to go.
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Getting paperwork before turning 16?

    Godwin. the best way to get a hold of a recruiter is to call every 15-30 mins all day long. Some people may disagree but those guys are in and out of the office all day long and are hard to catch because they can be very busy at times. When it comes down to it their job is to assist you and...
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    Pouches for a tourniquet

    Sorry misread Bwindows post Thought he said "Does it need to be in a pouch" My bad lol
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    Pouches for a tourniquet

    no they don't need a pouch but you have to keep checking them you don't want them to get covered in mud or sand/dust. on both my tours I kept 2 in my med pouch and one on each shoulder strap of my chest rig attached with rubber bands. If your gonna start putting them in pouches you might as well...
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    Comm Research

    I got a Job offer last week. I'm a recruit school bypass, so that might have had something to do with it. keep waiting, I put my paperwork in almost a year ago. When I applied for the infantry in 2003 it was almost 2 years when I received a job offer. Patience is the key. Right about the time...