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    Military FBO contracts

    Which of course then begs the question... Why is it so hard to bring an RCAF aircraft onto an RCAF base?  Veering off the original topic...
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    Military FBO contracts

    So the question remains... What's the point of even having contracts?  Where lies the benefit to the customer?  (RCAF)
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    The key word to remember in this thread is "aptitude".  The selection is based upon your own personal traits and how they match the traits which have been statistically proven to be shared by all successful pilots.  It's really not something you are able to practice.  We'll not quite true but...
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    CF seeking industry input into future pilot training

    It's been interesting hearing some of the discussions being heard talked around the RCAF pilot training system.  One thing I have not heard discussed is how pilot training / education ties together with the CF's desire to have a degree holding officer corps. Although not an apples to apples...
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    Military FBO contracts

    So over the past few months I've been noticing some issues with the FBOs who hold the government contracts.  Not really new but been causing me more grief recently.  Thought I'd ask the question and see what experiences guys have had and maybe someone can shed some light on the issue. So what...
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    Garrison / Dockyard / Wing area security concept

    Given the recent and tragic shootings at the Washington Naval dockyard it does raise the issue of area security within our own military installations.  A common thought process we in the CF often fall into is, "We are the Canadian military!  Stuff like that doesn't happen here.  We aren't that...