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    Weekend training reserves

    I know that someone can do their BMQ on weekends, but can they also do their SQ and BIQ on the weekends also? I just started a new job and do not have to work nights and weekends anymore, but getting enough time off any time soon or in the future to be able to do all of the training in blocks...
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    CF on TV forum...

    How about creating a forum so people can let others know when shows or documentaries about our CF's will be on?  i Channel (www.ichannel.ca) just had a good show on called "Canada: A Nation Undefended", about our military and the governments lack of commitment to keep it equipped. As well...
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    Canadians in Afghanistan: A video record

    Has anyone seen the 3 part documentary (Chasing Shadows, Friendly Fire and Waging Peace) by Garth Pritchard about our troops in Afghanistan? The videos are for sale at the history.ca site, but I'm wondering if anyone has already seen them and what their thoughts were.
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    Competitions and Reserves question

    Do the reserves compete in regional or national competitons for evaluation purposes?  How does the CF's judge how effective/prepared a unit is? I've read where the Argylls (how many teams did the Argylls enter?) won a bronze in the International Cambrian Patrol competition which is quite...
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    NavRes training question.

    Is anyone here with the Naval Reserves, or anyone that might know how their training works. With Reserve training in the infantry and what I have read is that they will do their weekend training in places all over.  I was wondering with the NavRes', do they go off base to do their once a month...
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    Any NavRes here?

    Just curious if there was any Naval Reservists here who could tell me if they were able to fulfull their QL 2/3 levels when OJT on board a MCDV was required for 4-6 months? I know that it says OJ can be broken up into segments to suit the members availability, but can you just do a month at a...
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    All Things Air Defence/AA (merged)

    How good is Canada's anti-aircraft abilities, would the equipment we use pose any kind of major defense against lets say America's airforce?  I heard aircraft technology is still years ahead before anyone can make an impact to take away the advantage with anti-aircraft capabilities. I would...
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    Company recognition

    Does the CF bestow companies with an award or something who give Reservists time off to train or go on tour?   If so, does anyone have a link to the information on this?   :cdn:
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    Weapons Tech Army vs Navy

    Hi everyone, I want to join the Reserves when I am finished school next April and the I can do the BMQ during the summer before I start a full time job. Currently I am taking 2 2 year program at Mohawk College, Mechanical Engineering Techincian - Fluid Power. I would like to be able to do...