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    Boatswain (BOSN)

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone could tell me the daily life of a Boatswain. I know in the Army after you complete all training you get assigned to a base and can live on or off base and you pretty much settle there until your forced to move. I was wondering how it worked for the Navy and...
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    Artillery - Officer and NCM

    Hi all, Just wondering if someone could tell me the daily life of an artillery soldier in the Regular Force. I am seriously interesting in joining and would like to know how it is once your posted after all your training. Anything helps. Thanks!
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    Intelligence Officer / Operator

    Hello everyone, First off, just wanted to say thank you to all the current and former members of the CAF, your service is appreciated! Second, recently I have been doing intense research on joining the military and what not, and have also recently spoken to a recruiter. In April 2018, I will...