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    I applied for the Exceptional Incapacity Allowance over 5 months ago and on MyAccount the wait time shows 5 weeks. I have phoned and emailed VAC on numerous occasions and the response is always "In Progress."  What am I missing and why am I disillusioned?  Any recommendations on how I can...
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    Staff at VAC

    In speaking with many staff members at VAC, it has come to my attention that many veterans show disrespect when communicating with a VAC worker.  Perhaps things are not going smoothy with delays in Disability applications or other benefits and with unfavourable decisions but it is rude to vent...
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    Backlog - Disability Claims

    What is the latest numbers on the backlog of Disability Claims?  Does VAC have a short or long term plan to solve this situation.  I have been waiting 105 weeks for a decision and still counting with no end in sight.  Am I alone out there?  Thank you
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    Wait Times

    The Wait Time shown on My Vac Account for Exceptional Incapacity Allowance is 6 weeks; thus far I have been waiting 18 weeks for a decision.  I was under the impression that only first time Disability Claims were backlogged.  Obviously I am mistaken.  Anybody else affected by long wait times for...
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    Exceptional Incapacity Allowance

    Who is receiving the Exceptional Incapacity Allowance(EIA).  I have questions.  Thank you
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    Exceptional Incapacity Allowance

    Request information on the EIA with respect to success rate, wait times or any other information about applying for the allowance.  Thank you for sharing your experiences or knowledge on EIA.