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    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Currently Work with members of the Special Olympics Tank D&M/Gunnery Team By noon my brain hurts. Todays Gem ;  Tpr: naptha Dissolves Oil Right? Me:  In a way yea, it breaks it down, loosens it a bit and you can rag it up. Tpr: well cant we just soak the engine compartment in naptha and burn...
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    Tanya Zaetta 'sex' romp with Australian SASR in Agfhanistan A Must Read

    I dont see anything wrong with this. And If I Recall correctly, the Loyal Edmonton Regiment had a morale wagon that followed the regiment through italy, on the onus that the girls were clean. Hey it cut the VD rate in the ed's by 70% so a little play in the field cant be all bad, does wonders...
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    Too Big/Tall for Armoured?

    Im 6'3", 260lbs with a 50inch chest I fit in the gunner, and drivers holes of a leopard just fine, fint nicely inside a lav turret and drivers hole. dont worry about  your height man, pick you career on what you want to do not on how tall and how comfortable you want to be
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    Condor #MVP tac vest Questions

    Blow, Sorry for being a tad harsh I was on a bit of a tear after a long day yesterday. However, i recommend getting One of Camelbacks many awesome bladder/bag systems. Any one of these will carry all you need. I have a HAWG for days spent ripping around on my Banshee, the bladder holds all the...
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    Condor #MVP tac vest Questions

    No Offense young man, but if you dont have an explicit need for the kit, and dont know the format, form and function of the gear on suck kit then why bother buying it?
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    Gear Review - Arktis Windshirt, Eagle Admin Pouch, DZ C9 stuff daddy

    Ive was running an arktis w/s in gagetown while there working on an ARCC crse and found I enjoy my gore-tex stealth top a heckuva lot more. Just me, but personal preference. And as a digression, dont get your hackles too up on the end Pookey 75-80% of young adults who enroll in the Cadet...
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    Great Names in the Royal Canadian Armour Corps

    Montrose is Back IN NB as of present, once again With 8CH, after a stint with the SALH
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    Tattoo Photo Thread

    Sitting at 4 Right Now and Some verycareful thought went into each one, well okay i wont fib, three were careful thought one wasn't so "careful" Backs of my calves in olde english lettering is my clan motto "Veritas(left calf) Vincit(right calf)", to Remind me its my family that helped me to...
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    First 2A6M's Hit the Ground In Kandahar

    http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=118324 All the photo you want Article is en francaise Now, to see about a CT to the regs.....
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    Boot, General Purpose (Mk III acting/interim replacement)

    Just Wondering Vern, since you are the Ninja SME on Supply, will it be at all possible being as Im a sick little man who enjoys his MkIII Caddies Immensly, to buy a triwall of unissued MkIII's at some point in my size.
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    Reserve initial kit issue ( merged )

    Id like to trade my CADPAT biv bag for an OD one, I keep losing my bag when i go for a midnight whiz in the hide
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    washroom problems

    DP! Armd Cmn and DP2 Recce 0039 both had "Poop Patrol" or "Poo parade" at about 1800 daily in 592 in Wx. good conversations
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    20 meter Beep Test -Merged

    Be Aware Make sure when it comes to certain areas they explain everything in minute detail. Esp Pushups, the PSP Standard is different from the AFM standard somehow the standard isn't really that.
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    Well now for the board unvieling of Kev's Iraq work gun (1911 .45ACP)

    Seen, addl Questions to yourself and I6 to follow
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    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Young Troop Straying out of his lane, but with a pertinent question. This Year, 41CBG Managed to recruit, in Edmonton, 45 new Members, 15 of which will be joining B Sqn SALH, the BG also ran a Higschool co-op BMQ SQ, that saw close to half the Troops release after SQ as "they only wanted to try...
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    Well now for the board unvieling of Kev's Iraq work gun (1911 .45ACP)

    Oddball Question from a young troopie here I6 But what does your...boss?( I guess you dont really have a set in stone CoC anymore) think of you bombing around with the Canadian IR patch on? Has it caused you and guff yet?
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    Pet Unpeeves

    As a Young Man so far. - The Pride In my Father and Grandfaths Eyes when I graduated BMQ/SQ Last Summer - The Satisfaction that Comes from Helping someone out who truly needs that extra hand - The simple joy of waking up each day and being able to coninue my service to my country - Having a...
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    Military 'Might' not 'Right' for Schoolyard, father says

    Yes, Yes we Did. #rdHerd RE your having a list of schools that want demos, theres a pool of fit, motivated, knowadgeable troops in the PRes Units in Edmonton and Calgary that are more than willing to work some Class A days, to come out and show some Kit, I mean we lack LAV's and such, but we...
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    Let's get rid of the Beret (or at least tell logistik unicorp theirs suck)

    Indeed We Do, On my BMQ/SQ I didnt once have a green beret near my head, None of the armour types on course did. And Hell, Black Berets are lady Magnets!
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    Canadian CAMAA & the 'Shut-out' BC-17X

    In Et Laymanus Terminus; Boeing was Offering the Services we currently rent from Silk Air, heavy lift tspt A Canadian Company was offering this service as well, but was shut out and shot down by their own gov't In the end, we bought the 4 C-17s and will undoubtedly need supp. airlift...