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    Benefits Cut...

    My husband is in Borden while on his QL3. In his class, out of the other personnel with dependants, he is the only one affected by the new changes as others are either TD or their dependants are with them. Husband explained how TD is not the same as IR, but one has to wonder why the personnel...
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    Les références...

    Une des références de mon mari était un ancien collègue de travail, superviseur, mais datant de plus de 15 ans. Fais-tu partie de groupes de bénévolat? religieux? sportif? Quelques fois, les responsables de ses groupes peuvent s'exprimer sur ton "professionalisme/implication au sein de...
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    Les références...

    Jowel, c'est super! Comme quoi, être à la bonne place au bon moment.
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    Les références...

    Moi je te recommanderais de téléphoner à ton centre de recrutement et de leur poser la question.
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    What's the Dumbest Thing You've SEEN Today?

    Welcome to Quebec. Where signs and laws are really just a suggestion. Where individualism takes precendent over the overall good of everyone. Where following rules and being civil will just get you laughed at for being dumb enough to follow said rules... /sigh can't wait to leave this place.
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    Nouveau sur le forum

    Hey! C'est super ça Jowel. Ça bouge.  Bonne chance!
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    What kind of Canadian are you? (Unscientific quiz)

    Yeah, so I'm from Quebec but am more like an Albertan... I knew I didn't fit in! >:D
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    Nouveau sur le forum

    Je peux vous dire que se fier seulemeny aux informations à votre dossier n'est pas suffisant. Je vous recommande de faire comme Jowel et d'appeler au centre de recrutement. Il faut comprendre que les centres de recrutement traitent des centaines d'applications et qu'il pourrait arriver que la...
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    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    Thank you CDN Aviator. Even if we don't know which course he could potentially be on. At least we see that there will be more than just the one session. He'll be starting his common core March 30th and we were wondering if there would be any courses starting soon after or later.
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    For Zombie lovers. Fun idea.

    Want to prep for a Zombie infestation? How about you run 5k surrounded by them. http://runforyourlives.com/
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    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    Since the question was asked a while back and that the schedule did not provide any other dates at that time, I wonder if a new schedule has been determined since then? And if so, if someone would be kind enough to post it here? Thank you in advance.
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    Nouveau sur le forum

    En passant Jowel, mon mari a fait son QMB a 37 ans et il n'était pas le plus vieux. Les gens se recyclent à tous les âges. Je te souhaite vraiment bonne chance!
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    Nouveau sur le forum

    À St-Jean les francophones avaient des instructeurs et des cours en français. Ensuite je n'ose pas donner plus d'information puisque je ne sais rien avec certitude. Je ne suis pas dans les FC et mon mari n'y est que depuis septembre... Je sais que mon mari a du prouver qu'il est parfaitement...
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    Nouveau sur le forum

    D'après l'expérience de mon mari. Quand le 1er avril est arrivé, tout a déboulé très vite. Pour d'autres, ça a été plus long. Au final, mon mari a commencé son BMQ en semptembre après avoir appliqué le 1er avril. Alors, t'inqiuète pas trop, sois patient et persévère à t'entrainer physiquement et...
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    Physical Violence Based on Interrupted Dreams

    Maybe you should poke him with a stick?  ;D
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    I understand your frustration. I know that in Quebec, only banks and federal offices are closed. We don't even get Holiday pay. I guess it's not the same everywhere. Good luck.
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    London Riots

    What of all the "bystanders" filming everything. You see them in every picture/film of the riots. None are having an active role but none are stopping it either. Have we become such voyeurs that being able to capture something terrible on camera outweighs doing what's right?
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Revolutionizing Fortified Structures?

    Having such a hideout in your backyard in a city would greatly limit your ability to evacuate said area. Don't forget the all important need to be able to bug out at any point. Inner cities may contain a large concentration of zombies, which would greatly complicate easy movement in and out of...
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    Packing for the Apocalypse

    Could almost be possible, as per this design: http://zombiesafehouse.wordpress.com/2010-zshc-winner/