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  1. AZA-02

    QS 20 Mai au 14 Juin 2009

    Je fini mon QMB ce Dimanche et puis je part pour mon QS le Mercredi d'aprés ci je suis pris. Ont est 13 a attendre des nouvelle pour notre QS a Sherbrooke. Je me demandais ci il en a qui vont etre la cette étè pour le QS pour ce qui et de la réserve. :salute: :cdn:
  2. AZA-02


    Ceux qui ont des question sur les 4 premiere semaine du BMQ  a saint jean ben mendais moi la ;D Je vien juste d arrive cher nous apres quatre semaine dentroctrinement, (pas mal fatiquer, 4 heure de semaine pour 19 de travaille) A pis meque nitz revienne de ca brosse denfer avec ca sophie, annie...
  3. AZA-02

    M203 operator

    I was wondering how you get chossen to carry the m203 ???, Since we dont have the American system, Grenadier, Support....
  4. AZA-02

    AUGUST 8 2005

    YEEEE HA im leaving for saint jean Quebec in 10 days, anyone with me :) ;) :D ;D ;D :D ;) :)
  5. AZA-02

    8 AOUT 2005 :)

    qui par avec moi le 8 AOUT, PIs qui a le nouveau cour 12 semaine, je les envie, les deux gars qui etais avec moi lon eu pis pas moi >:( mais cest correct par je suis tros exiter de partir pour faire la baboune... :D ;D ;) :) :o :D :D ;D ;)   :salute: :cdn:
  6. AZA-02


    Cest juste cool que les staff the army.ca ont ecouter la personne qui voulait des sub board, peu etre quill mecouterait moi... ont devrais avoir des t-shirt gratuis... :-\ :P
  7. AZA-02

    How long did you have to wait for basic???

    Note- The time it took right after the interview. (or the last step in your recruitment process) :salute: :cdn:
  8. AZA-02

    Basic Training

    I don't know how to put this, but I'm waiting for news to when basic training starts, i didn't get any news from my recruiting center probably cause I'm not leaving in April. I live in Quebec and i was wondering if any of you had a call for the basic which is in saint jean if I'm not mistaken...
  9. AZA-02

    The guy with the weird mustache part II

    A while ago i made a topic on mustaches in the army. I said that weird looking mustache like the one on the home page behind the ARMY.CA looked really funny. But now the picture isnt there and one of the staff as is picture showing and he looks like the one on the picture. I was wondering if it...
  10. AZA-02

    Picture of the mustache dude

    Don`t you think the guy next to him as no reason to hide since that Mustache of is would get them spotted miles away? ( I know the Pict is different each time you log in and for those who don't know of which picture I'm talking about about just log click home till you see it.) This brings me to...
  11. AZA-02

    Is it worth it?

    im about to join the regular force as soon as i hand in my paper work which was very long and painfull to fill in :crybaby:, and i was wondering with you old sea dogs that have 20 years of experience in the infantry, should i join. Im scared of not being chalenged enought and then wanting to...
  12. AZA-02

    Cour de recrus en janvier 2005 a saint jean?

    yia til quelle qu'un dautre que mois qui va au cour de recrus en janvier? ???
  13. AZA-02

    pour ou contre la separation du Quebec?

    Je voulait savoir si il a des separatise dans l`armee Canadienne? :cdn: Quan jais fait mon cours de 6 semaine a Val-Cartier avec les cadet le quart etais pour, il yian navait aussi qui disait quill voulais etre dans le F.L.Q! :fifty: (30 ans passez) Mais il saluait le drapeaux comme tout le...
  14. AZA-02

    OICW. Will they work?

    The Americans have know moved another step in military performance. OICW stands for Objective Individual Combat Weapon, Big @$$ name! I read in the June issue of Special Weapons that it had a high recoil and that it was heavy, too heavy because of the 20mm canon and rounds and the KE rifle...
  15. AZA-02

    Salut la 22e a Kabul.

    :salute: je sais pas si vous avez des ordi puis l`ìnternet la bas, "si non je parle tout seul" on veut savoir comment sa va puis juste une question qui et peut etre un peut secret mais je vais me gene, avez vous vue des membre du JTF2 (force special canadien) en Afghanistan? ???
  16. AZA-02

    Liberal or Conservative?

    :cdn: Which one will keep their promise to bring the National Deffence back to life? Liberal 600 million for 2004 +5000 men/women regular +3000 men/women reserve Conservative`s 1.2 billion per year for 5 years +30 000 men/women regular! + ?????  reserve
  17. AZA-02

    AK-47‘s ?????

    i want to know why some people think an AK-47 is great. Does anyone have any experience with them to proof them wrong?
  18. AZA-02

    How‘s life in the Canadian Army?

    Hard :mad: Easy :) Sucks :( Your opinion?