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  1. kurokaze

    booking a parade square

    does anyone know who I need to get in touch with to book a parade square (drill practice - but for a civilian agency)? obviously I would be the duty O, and does anyone know how much it would cost (if any)? thanks!
  2. kurokaze

    Boots - Altama, Danner, etc

    Does anyone know of a store in the GTA that sells these types of boots.  I kinda have my heat set on getting the Altama ICBs but am willing to look at other brands. I can get them over the net but I want to specifically try them on before I buy.  thanks!
  3. kurokaze

    No food for five days?

    Even if they were to find a way to keeping me fighting without food for five days my morale would drop to next to none. I find being able to sit and eat a meal is a big morale booster. http://www.wired.com/news/medtech/0,1286,62297,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3 and a description of the program...
  4. kurokaze

    Tech can‘t replace soldier skills

    Can‘t agree with this more. No matter how great the new kit and weapons are, it can‘t replace your individual soldier skills. Every person in a leadership position should hand this article down to their troops...
  5. kurokaze

    Saga of one US reserve outfit

    And I thought we had it bad.. http://www.sftt.org/cgi-bin/csNews/csNews.cgi?database=Special%20Reports.db&command=viewone&op=t&id=70&rnd=480.7794403837068
  6. kurokaze

    the wounded of iraq and afghanistan

    This is pretty scary. I know most of us wouldn‘t hesitate to die for our country, but what if you don‘t die? you come back severely wounded, possibly missing a few limbs. http://www.thememoryhole.org/war/wounded/ No one ever really thinks about losing an arm, a leg or both arms and...
  7. kurokaze

    "The western Alliance is over"

  8. kurokaze


    Is there anyone here who is or knows someone in the biotech industry (preferably a biotechnologist). If so, what do they do exactly?
  9. kurokaze

    Cadet Officers

    I‘m curious, are cadet officers commissioned officers? I‘m guessing not, but a cadet mom that was at clothing stores said otherwise.
  10. kurokaze

    Minutes format

    Can anyone tell me what the minutes format is? I need to write a report in minutes format but I don‘t know how it‘s supposed to be formatted. thanks
  11. kurokaze

    Gamma-ray weapons could trigger next arms race.

    I found this interesting article on NewScientist.com I thinking to myself, why is it that the first applications of a new source of energy is always for military purposes? Imagine the usefulness of this if it were applied to the civilian sector and gave us cleaner / cheaper energy.
  12. kurokaze

    How Australia‘s military does with less

    Canada.com Story
  13. kurokaze

    Teaching Courses

    I know more than a few of you here have taught courses during your career. I for one find myself more drawn to the idea of teaching than I ever thought I would be. Although I wouldn‘t really be "teaching" per se (why they don‘t let officers teach is beyond me), something about molding...
  14. kurokaze

    I‘m sworn in!!

    Hello all, I‘m now a new & proud member of the Canadian Forces. A 2Lt of 7 Toronto RCA to be exact. woo-hoo!! :D Got sworn in last night, picked up part of my kit (though they couldn‘t find me a parka that fit well, guess I‘ll have to wait until I get issued the gortex). I start BOTP...
  15. kurokaze

    Wow, I‘m so glad I found this place!

    Going in as an OCdt for the 7 Toronto RCA and just passed all my tests/interviews a couple of weeks ago. I was really really nervous/anxious/curious about what BMQ would consist of and at least now I have some idea! (for some reason getting the recruiter to tell me was like pulling teeth)...