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  1. cgyflames01

    Dropped out to join, thinking about getting out to finish school - Opinions?

    Ok well folks...  Home for christmas.  But before christmas let me explain my situation.  I am 17, not finished highschool with one determination to join the army.  I end up signing up for full force, 4 days later get sent into BMQ in Wainwright on November 18th.  I survive the first few weeks...
  2. cgyflames01

    Knee Braces

    Go to your MIR, tell the staff your issue, and they will give you a chit. No CF member will then be able to ask why you wear the brace.
  3. cgyflames01

    Medical Assistant - Reserve

    This is a touchy subject, as I understand, the reserve training takes a whole lot longer then the regular force training. With out the PCP qualification the Reg's get . I am gonna try my best to explain, but as a reg force student, I know little about the reserves. From what I understand the...
  4. cgyflames01


    Alright, call this number 974-2920, it's the direct line to CFRC Calgary , and ask to talk to the medical staff. Whatever they say, I can almost guarantee, you will need your doctor or Psychologist to write you a letter saying your good-to-go. Good luck and on the side what is your trade??
  5. cgyflames01

    The 2006 Stanley Cup Playoff Thread

    Did you say Golf Leafs Golf ???  ::)
  6. cgyflames01

    Medical condition controlled by medication

    It really depends on what that medication is, as well as what the Rx effects. Call the recruiting office, and ask to talk to the medical staff.    1-800-856-8488
  7. cgyflames01

    problems going reg medic

    As I understand it, Reserve Med tech is under General Military as far as CFAT results go. Under the name R711 Med A* 433225 . While reg. force Med Tech is under the Technical headline . Under the name, 737 Med Tech 432225. And Technical trades req. a higher CFAT score, then trades under the...
  8. cgyflames01

    All about LTA (merged)

    The RMS clerks at the OR, are very busy, and I don't want to bother them; but I was wondering if any RMS clerks, could tell what the maximum funds available for my LTA from CFB Borden-Calgary, and back would be. And if there was a website I could go to, or a hardcopy I could go and pick up. That...
  9. cgyflames01

    Thyroid Condition

    That really depends on what the thyroid condition is.... best bet is to call the CFRC, and ask the medical staff.
  10. cgyflames01

    Quick question

    I'm no doctor, I'm actually a Medic in training, but I'm pretty sure, when the MO looks at your finger, they are going to ask for a note from your doctor, stating that your finger is completely operational. In the case that you have ongoing physical, I doubt you will be deemed medically fit. It...
  11. cgyflames01


    This is from the stanfard urology site....  (yes I was board but this idea could open a whole new can of worms........) BLUE / GREEN Blue or green urine may be caused by a blue dye such as methylene blue, a component in several medications (Trac Tabs, Urised, Uroblue) used to reduce symptoms...
  12. cgyflames01

    what can I expect for my medical?

    Sweet Jesus, I assume, being in this forum, this is your medical test. If that's the case, you will be administered a hearing and visual test. And also be required to supply a Urine specimen. Following that, a doctor or PA, will go over questions, about past medical history, as well a pertinate...
  13. cgyflames01

    Life at the J.I questions

    Thank you, everyone in my class has the same types of questins.
  14. cgyflames01


    I was very please with CFRC Calgary, they were very patient with my problem..... I had to upgrade my chemistry for 5 months, and in that time they kept my file open, as well as contact with me.They also tried to get me credit for prior medical schooling. I was very impressed, and it was greatly...
  15. cgyflames01

    Life at the J.I questions

    Can anyone please give me a glimpse of what life is like at the JI..., I went to the school's website, however, I was wondering what the day to day life style is like for the military personnal? 1) What type of buildings will be in? do we need to find our own residence? 1-a) Are there duty...
  16. cgyflames01

    bad runner

    I'll trade your running ability, for my poor push-up performance.  ;) We all have our crosses to bare, and with practice, you can do it. *oh; and I edited your post a little.
  17. cgyflames01

    BMQ OCT3rd to DEC16th <-----Who's Attending?

    First off congratulations, and you will see me there. Do you know your course number yet? I'am 0221.
  18. cgyflames01

    need help for picking a career in the military!

    To sum up, go to this hyper link... http://www.recruiting.forces.gc.ca/engraph/career/tradeinfo_e.aspx?id=56 (Edited by Moderator to remove personal insult.)
  19. cgyflames01


    Is it a yellow folded sheet, because that was a ethnicity survey, and it was to be handed in to your file manager
  20. cgyflames01

    British MP: Canada complicit in Iraq war

    We have Carolyn Parrish, the British have George Galloway, take what he says with the same salt.