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    Computer Problem

    I recently did a system restore on my computer by accident and now I dont have drivers for my ethernet or my video card. This is a problem because I cant go through the "system resources" to find out what type of video card and ethernet card I have. I tried opening the case and looking at the...
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    A Reserve Application in Hamilton

    Just make sure to contact them every few months... you don't ask you don't get.
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    MMIST CQ-10A SnowGoose Why doesn't the CF have this?

    Every encounter I've ever had with a UAV involves me walking through a forest looking for someone else's lost UAV.
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    Bradley VS King Tiger

    Do you think a Bradley's 25mm gun could penitrate the armor of a German King Tiger? If the two were to get into a fight who would win?
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    MG36 Mk IV in CADPAT

    I didn't take much time to look at it the first time over. When I went back I read all that and laughed (mostly at myself lol). Some people just have waaaay to much time and money on their hands. Hey maybe the army will use this guy to help the CF with its LCF lol.
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    MG36 Mk IV in CADPAT

    I came across this today thought it looked cool and I know everyone here is all aboot the LCF. I guess it's for Airsoft or something. Oh yeah while you're there check out his rank...pretty cool lol. If this belongs in a different box my bad. Just realized I forgot the link. ----->...
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    Small arms mechanics and repairs.

    Alrite boys thank you for the replies, I think if found a local enthusest that said he'd help me out. This is going to be a long shot but is there anything aside from Weapons Tech in the military where I could learn?
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    Eating Right, On a Budget

    If you have a coffee maker you can use that to easily warm up water for coffee and oatmeal. And since you have the fridge you should stock up on cold cuts (this way you can add things like ham to your grilled cheese). If you're allowed you should get a hot place as well so you can cook a meal...
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    Special Operations Regiment welcomes new members

    As it was mentioned before I to got to attend then Grad parade and it was quite the show. I saw them doing parts of the course around Pet and it looked mighty hard. Congrats to them all.
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    Small arms mechanics and repairs.

    I have recently developed an interest in small arms mechanics and repairs and I was wondering if anybody knows of any good sites out there that can help me learn about these things. I tried going by a local gun shop to try and find something local but I was told my best chance would be to see a...
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    PPCLI Sniper Video

    CBC recently did a story on some 3 VP snipers, while they were in Gagetown. Anybody seen it and know where i can I find it?
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    After 5 Years in US, terrorists are too complacent to carry out attaks.

    So is this stuff real or just a farce?
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    8 Apr 07 - Sgt Donald Lucas, Cpl Brent Poland, Cpl Aaron Williams, Cpl Chris Stannix (PLF), Pte Kevin Kennedy, Pte David Greenslade - 2 RCR

    Really sorry to hear about friends and comrades going down. May they all rest in Peace and let's hope we don't hear of anymore casualties ever.
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    Reserves on Reg Force courses.

    I know they use reservists to add to the numbers for Basic courses like BMQ-BIQ but is it possible for a reservist to get on a reg force course such as a LAV driver, Gunner ect... I ask because training is slow at the unit and I was talking to the OPs staff and they said its possible but...
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    Taliban has deployed 6,000 fighters

    Well the Taliban may have an apparent 6,000 troops but they don't have 777's, LEOs or CF-18s.  ;D :threat:
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    Domestic Response Coy.

    Hey fellas, last week out unit was asked to put forth a platoon for a DRC so we did and they sent us down to London for breifings on this that and the other thing. It was kind of a waste of time because we didn't learn much and what we did learn was "way above our pay level". I tried to ask...
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    Meaning it...

    I joined to blow shi* up because I thought it would be fun. And when I joined i knew there was a certain risk and I accepted it and thats all that matters.
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    Confused Re: Policy on Steroid Usage

    What kind of steroids are being discussed? I am a fairly skinny man and when I am at the gym or armories people tell me I should go to a "GNC" and get some "juice". If they sell it in a store how bad can it be? I personally don't use these products because I don't like putting anything into my...
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    Fines from Summary trail charge.

    ALrite thanks for all the help ladies and gentlemen I now have what I need to do this.
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    Fines from Summary trail charge.

    Can someone that is able to help me PM me so I can explain all the details and get this sorted out. Our assisting officer is from a different unit but I'm sure I won't have a problem finding him. I just want to know what to ask because as of 21 Sun Jan 07 I can no longer appeal.