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  1. shadow

    We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint

    I remember on  my JLC we had to draw our slides on a piece of plastic with overhead markers.
  2. shadow

    Having another job while in the CF...is it possible?

    Gunner98, Thanks.  That is interesting.  When we were at University, the SEM from Borden told us specifically (more for the ROTPs who were getting paid very little) that they were welcome to take on a civilian job on their own time, but that it could not have anything to do with the training...
  3. shadow

    Having another job while in the CF...is it possible?

    I worked as a manager at Blockbuster for 4 years while I was an NCM.  The company was great in that I went on two tours overseas and they held on to my position for me while I was gone (My manager called Head Office, and they said "She's in the military?  Give her all the time off she needs"). ...
  4. shadow

    Sailor who injured another calls assault ‘disgusting’

    Yeah, I thought it was a little strange to just throw it in there like that.  Especially noting the specific amount as if they knew exactly what incentive and spec pay if any he receives. Gotta love the media!
  5. shadow

    Sailor who injured another calls assault ‘disgusting’

    I was wondering the same thing.  How much the sailor makes is irrelevant to the story.
  6. shadow

    Quadeville Ontario Supports Our Troops

    I was driving through this small town about an hour south of Petawawa on my way to Tennessee over the holidays.  As I drove through the sleepy town, I noticed that almost every front lawn was boasting a large "We Support Our Troops" sign.  The further I drove through the town and the more I saw...
  7. shadow

    Penny's story - Decisions to make

    Penny, I would like to echo the info on here about going Log O. It sounds to me, with your attributes, it would be a wise choice.  It is a job that is extremely fulfilling (nothing happens in the army without Logisitics), has ample opportunities for deployment.  There are also many different...
  8. shadow

    Queston re:' 'vested rights to pay'

    First Question: Are you all at the same University? Secondly: If you find the appropriate references, submit a memo.  Now's a better time than ever to start practicing your military writing skills.  Memos can be traced and have to be actioned.  If you feel you are owed more money, then submit...
  9. shadow

    Looking for video of Rick Mercer's Special with Troops in Bosnia 2000

    Thanks for the help! 241, PM sent I found a real media version also, but I hate to use rm also. I was on Roto 6 and had just come home in September.  When they aired the special I was flooded with memories of my tour. And maybe I shed a tear  ;)
  10. shadow

    Looking for video of Rick Mercer's Special with Troops in Bosnia 2000

    "We're here for a good time" video. Is it available online to view?  I'm looking for something online, for Windows Media Player or Quicktime. If anyone has a link it would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Shadow
  11. shadow

    Pay Raise For Fiscal Year 2006

    It's not the unit that does it, it's Royal Lepage Relocation Services.
  12. shadow

    Pay Raise For Fiscal Year 2006

    I was promoted as of May 1st, and I received the difference in pay in terms of a posting allowance, so why not get the difference in the pay raise? I will see what I can find out from Ottawa. Cheers Shadow Edit: In case anyone is wondering, this is where the "no" answer comes from through IRPP...
  13. shadow

    Pay Raise For Fiscal Year 2006

    That's a good question.  I assumed so, but RLRS told me no because it's backdated pay and it says in the benefits guide that backdated pay doesn't apply.  But we KNEW we were getting a raise April 1st (just not how much), so I think it should apply. I guess we'll have to write to DCBA to find...
  14. shadow

    Afghan Medals Process (merged)

    Off-Topic, but about the miniatures: I was quoted a price for each medal which ranged from $14 to $22, then was told $8 each to mount. Grand total for 4 miniature medals: $107 I'll have to check your link Shadow
  15. shadow

    Recruiting Posters, Slogans and Commercials [Merged]

    I just watched this video, and I agree that it would make a great recruiting ad (maybe chopped down a bit).  It not only depicted the reality of the need to fight, but also portrayed images implying that what we are doing is important and that we are making a difference. Thanks for posting this...
  16. shadow

    LEAVE during MARS Training ?

    hee hee oops Welcome to the Forces!!
  17. shadow

    LEAVE during MARS Training ?

    You will only be able to attend if it doesn't conflict with your training. I didn't get to attend mine because my Phase 3 course started the day of my convocation. It's just part of the "getting paid to go to school deal".  Welcome to the army!
  18. shadow

    Mail and care packages sent to BMQ / BMOQ

    ANYTHING CANADIAN! When they shut down the NSE in Ilidza (Sarajevo) there were Canada Flag curtains on the windows in the little Canada House.  I asked them what they were going to do with them and a week later they were in my mailbox :-)  I take them with me on every tour.  On Op Apollo, my...
  19. shadow


    Answers: Self-Help is housing in Ottawa available for Pte - MCpl.  It is housing at a reduced rate so that the lower ranks can afford to live in such an expensive city. It seems like a great deal, but there are hassles associated with living in Self-Help Housing.  The organization that manages...
  20. shadow

    NCM to Officer Conversion,exemptions?

    I agree: case by case. It depends on when/where you did your course, and time-in. I did a JLC/JNCO and had CAP written off. Others did PLQ and had to re-do CAP. First, it shouldn't matter whether you do CAP or not, if Officer is something that you really want. Second, I would write a memo once...