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  1. CombatDoc

    Rations, Meal Halls ect... Merged

    +1. The National Standardized Cycle Menu has done exactly what you’ve noted, and provided standardization across the CAF. For those who claim that there are no healthy choices at the mess, this is simply not true, but people do need to still select them. However, I suspect that having a standard...
  2. CombatDoc

    Wearing Uniform in Public (merged)

    Sheesh, the amount of churn over this simple question is amazing! Calvillo - if you want a photo of you in uniform for your family or friends, do what MM/Furniture said (take your uniform to the studio in a garment bag, change, and change back to civies afterwards) and have at ‘er.
  3. CombatDoc

    Medical Cannabis Use in the CAF

    See reply #6 above. If you have a medical condition that requires prescribed medical cannabis for that condition, then you will be assigned appropriate Medical Employment Limitations.
  4. CombatDoc

    Medical Cannabis Use in the CAF

    The CAF health system neither prescribes nor pays for medical cannabis. If you require a prescription for medical cannabis to treat your medical condition, then you also require a Medical Employment Limitations for that medical condition. No change since 17 October 2018.
  5. CombatDoc

    The Rise of the Slorc - The 1000 Mile Cannon

    I thought it was hint, cough cough $addam Hu$$ein Ir@q  cough cough M*ssad cough cough?
  6. CombatDoc

    New Army Dress regulations unveiled

    Why stop there - include your service number, surname and initials, too. Kinda like Kurt Russell in the movie “Soldier”!
  7. CombatDoc

    Biomedical Electronics Technologist

    You may wish to consider Electro-Mechanical Engineer (EME) Officer. Our BMet Techs are trained to maintain biomedical equipment, with the educational requirements that PMed Moe has outlined.
  8. CombatDoc

    Medical Laboratory Technologists

    CF Health Services operates medical laboratories in most of the larger primary care clinics, including Victoria, Edmonton, Ottawa, Petawawa, Quebec City, Fredericton, Halifax. I don’t have the numbers off the top of my head, but suspect that it is more than 10. The MLab Techs working at the...
  9. CombatDoc

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    I suspect that D Med Pol or FHP have put out direction on N95 use, as well as fit testing, but I don’t have them handy.
  10. CombatDoc

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    N95 masks are commonly fit-tested to health services personnel, for use should there be an outbreak of respiratory illness (eg influenza). As pointed out, others may also be issued N95 masks like MPs. The key to the N95 is that it requires fit testing through the Fire Marshal (similar to other...
  11. CombatDoc

    CAF Cannabis Use 2018- DAOD 9004-1

    Commercial pilots will likely have the same restriction. We’ll see what the railways do with their train engineers.
  12. CombatDoc

    Medical Release ( merged )

    Get your MO to ask the Base Surg to contact D Med Pol with a request to expedite their review of your file. You should explain to your MO why you’d like your category review expedited.
  13. CombatDoc


    Let me rephrase my original comment. According to “official tradition”, Medical Officers do not draw swords. Furthermore, the only time I have worn a sword was during BMOC when we were taught sword drill, despite having participated in numerous parades since then. Furthermore, if you do require...
  14. CombatDoc


    They do not wear swords.
  15. CombatDoc

    Medical Employment Limitation ( MEL )

    You have multiple MELs that likely breach U of S, although DMCA is the authority for making that determination.
  16. CombatDoc

    Medical Employment Limitation ( MEL )

    I can’t say with certainty what the Geographic and Occupational factors would be that D Med Pol will likely assign, because all the details of your case are not available. For example, there may be other MELs in addition to this one. What I can say is that the MEL you have listed is likely to...
  17. CombatDoc

    How to Be a Medical Officer

    The US model for PA production is different than the Cdn model. Although there is the potential to recruit PA graduates from civilian programs in Canada, this has not yet occurred. Furthermore, CAF PAs are oriented towards primary care, whereas many US PAs work in hospital sub specialist areas...
  18. CombatDoc

    Transition Group (Previously JPSU and DCSM)

    The determination to send a member to JPSU is a chain of command decision, not the BSurg’s. The BSurg can recommend JPSU to the CoC if they feel it is in the mbr’s best interest, and the BSurg confirms that MELs will be of a duration greater than 6 months (usually, the prognosis for return to...
  19. CombatDoc

    How to Be a Medical Officer

    It depends where you see yourself settling down eventually. If your undergrad medicine is in the US, for example, you will have more success returning to Canada for residency programs or post-residency than if you study medicine in the Caribbean. I  recommend that you Google the experiences of...
  20. CombatDoc

    Keeping wounded in CF - merged super-thread

    What you are referring to falls under a review of the Universality of Service policy, which itself is part of much larger The Journey project. The intent of modifying U of S is to allow personnel with certain MELs to continue to serve - rather than medically releasing them, as would have...