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  1. McInnes

    Frontenac or Parklands Canada

    Cam works well when you're behind the trench in the woodline picking people off...
  2. McInnes

    new CADPAT dress: CRAVATPAT and HATPAT

    Yeah right.
  3. McInnes

    Cadpat Overboard?

    We already have issued balaclavas, and those nifty neck gaiters. The neck gator with the mesh for your mouth with your bushcap pulled low pretty much reduces the need to cam your face. Although I doubt that would work very well for anything in the interior due to the heat during the summer.
  4. McInnes

    New RMC duty dress?

    Getting rid of the chinstrap would equal hell on a windy day, which here on the peninsula, is basically a bloody storm at least once a week.
  5. McInnes

    New RMC duty dress?

    Ditch the battle blouse for a V-neck if we're worried about dry cleaning costs. We'll be keeping the trousers anyways, so I really don't see the point in going to DEU's. Also, there is enough elemental separation and bickering as it is. In a unit everyone generally wears the same uniform. The...
  6. McInnes

    Couple of questions on BOTC (non fitness)

    I as well as everyone else in my pod, brough laptops for BOTC. When we weren't using them they were in our hallway lockers during inspections. For the rest of the time they would be locked away in our room lockers. In the evenings we had them out for music and movies, and none of the staff ever...
  7. McInnes

    Army Undergarments

    OCdts at RMC are not entitled to all of the gucci kit until after phase II army trg. Apparently this was the school commandants decisions as too much kit was being lost. This coming from the two individuals working at clothing stores who I spoke with.
  8. McInnes

    The APV Thread

  9. McInnes

    Wireless connection in RMC?

    I'm just using a shared wireless with the room next door, with four of us on the network. Cheap and easy.
  10. McInnes


    Yes, the spent casing deflector helps stop the rounds from flying in your face. :P
  11. McInnes


    I was under the impression that the rest of BOTC that wasn't to be completed during the first year was to be covered throughout the year at RMC. Is this not the case at all anymore? Or was it ever?
  12. McInnes


    Whats the summer training schedule for RMC student's? Or is it the same as Civ-U.
  13. McInnes

    CT -- Reserves into ROTP/RMC (merged)

    The Unit is not necessarily bypassed. My experiance is that CFRC will tell you to do a normal release through your unit, with the release being effective the day before your swearing-in ceremony is scheduled. This disables the long wait times for component transfers as you will be applying as a...
  14. McInnes

    Logistik Unicorp "Clothing Online"

    I was notified when they had registered me/became eligible on one of my pay slips.
  15. McInnes

    Moving my Vehicle

    I'm pretty confused here. If someone enrolls in the Forces for example in BC and has a car, the CF will pay for it to be moved to,for example, Ontario? Would the car simply be loaded onto a transport truck and driven across Canada?
  16. McInnes

    Living at the RMC

    Artillery wasn't your first choice I gather? Was Infantry above Artillery on your list?
  17. McInnes

    Living at the RMC

    Results are out as previously mentioned. If you have not recieved a call, give your recruiting centre a call and they can tell you the status of your file and whether you have recieved an offer or not, and answer any questions which you may have.
  18. McInnes

    Retain the Monarchy in Canada?

    Infanteer, I asked fairly straight forward questions which you have again averted. And as for the oath, I think it's fairly straight forward. But I agree, we will obviously get no where like this, if there was anywhere to go with to begin with. :P And did Wes tell you to speak for him? Gah...
  19. McInnes

    Retain the Monarchy in Canada?

    The oath: I, undersigned _____ do solemnly affirm/swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors according to law.  Quote me where I implied that you have failed in your duty in regard to military...
  20. McInnes

    Retain the Monarchy in Canada?

    No where in my post do I recall challenging the integrity of your military service. I did say however, that slanderous statements made in public against HM are not in accordance with keeping your oath to the Queen, which I know you have sworn. We are in actuality the Queen's army. Not the Queen...