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  1. DexOlesa

    ‘Stop saying ‘uh-oh’ while you’re flying’: Drone crash pilot quotes unveiled

    ;D That made my night. Reminds me of IFR training in the Simulator.
  2. DexOlesa

    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    I was a bit of an outlier I guess. I was 24 had done one semester of university. Had done my pilots license. I had an avg of 85 in high school, but terrible marks in university. I made it in first round selection. I had no student council, or varsity team captain or any of those sought after...
  3. DexOlesa

    Ladies: Doing your Makeup in an armoured vehicle.

    As long as Olga comes with the tank.
  4. DexOlesa

    Knife Registry on the way?

    I have to say that the "pointy" part is moot. I have yet to see a "rounded" kitchen/ steak knife that was so round I couldn't stab you with it
  5. DexOlesa

    More and more funnies.. vol: something...

    Now I've learned something new. Also, Vermont isn't per capita? That is kind of staggering. Lot of reserve units there or some other factor to explain that?
  6. DexOlesa

    The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    Funny how that was my first thought too  :P Actually had more to do with the zipper ones looking a bit less clunky and heavy (but that's just appearance from a photo, haven't seen a pair in real life)
  7. DexOlesa

    The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    Apparently our GP's (or maybe gortex I can't tell from the small picture) have been around since the 1940's
  8. DexOlesa

    "No Mk III boots left in the system," they said.

    Got my mk3's in '10 of course that was RMC where we only get the outdated stuff ::)
  9. DexOlesa

    Marriage died in 2013

    Not that I have any desire to be polygamist, but I have often thought the same thing. If gay marriage is legal, why wouldn't polygamy be?
  10. DexOlesa

    Funny Pix & Video Thread

    Totally have Resting asshole face, or depressed resting face. Also that second brunette was dang cute.
  11. DexOlesa

    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    Yes in year one EVERYONE regardless of degree takes Calculus, History, English, Psych (and possibly a couple of other mandatory courses I am forgetting)
  12. DexOlesa

    The Merged Thread on Gay/ Homosexual Topics and the CF.

    Good post Eye in the sky. When my gay friends say the pride parades go too far....maybe they do. Milpoints on the way
  13. DexOlesa

    Funny Pix & Video Thread

    Believe it or not my VW Golf has hauled a large Uhaul From Saint John NB to WInnipeg MB
  14. DexOlesa

    I'm over-weight how much does it affect my recruitment

    When I enrolled I was 240lbs (I'm 5'9") I even got a (barely) passed on my aircrew medical because "You are too heavy to technically pass but you'll lose that at basic" So I wouldn't worry TOO much about it. Though I would stress being in as good shape as possible BEFORE you get to basic. I was...
  15. DexOlesa

    Funny Pix & Video Thread

  16. DexOlesa

    The "MOVE OVER" Law

    Now I am a person who always pulls to the right and gets out of emergency responders way. Everyone should. I'm glad they are increasing fines, and cracking down on this. HOWEVER, emergency responders need to exercise some common sense too. I was driving downtown in an 18 wheeler, clearly marked...
  17. DexOlesa

    Where are they now? "Combat School"

    Almost Positive I saw Warrant Rody pass through Winnipeg airport in December. However no idea what he's doing now professionally.
  18. DexOlesa

    Shaving - Alum block and Styptic Pencil

    You should be able to put those items in your personal locker. You do have to shave quick, but I never had to shave dry. A good gel and a good clean razor will keep you from murdering your face. Also, just go with the grain not against. We aren't going for date night smooth, just no scruff.
  19. DexOlesa

    You may live to be 100

    I guarantee that we will never reach that point. I'd rather die than unnaturally prolong my life for centuries even if that were possible
  20. DexOlesa

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    Yes, like this one. I am really getting tired of people not understanding Automatic vs semi-automatic. All told, the shotgun he brought was probably the most effective weapon in that theatre, but of course we will focus on the "assault rifle" he was carrying.