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  1. teltech

    MCpl Alex New (ACISS-CST)

    RIP Alex. Prayers to the family. Is there any word on funeral arrangements?
  2. teltech

    RT 524 parts

    Not sure if this is the case any more, but last time I went to Dayton OH for the annual amateur radio convention and flea market (1992) they were selling PRC 77 sets... and they were still in use with the CF! I would think you could get parts there.
  3. teltech

    Sig Op's Frontline/Desk

    Look at this: http://www.forces.ca/en/job/signaloperator-16
  4. teltech

    When did you join the Canadian Forces ?

    Enrolled in the res in Owen Sound 14 Dec '86; took the plunge in to the regs 27 Oct '94. Decided to remuster from inf to LCIS while I could still walk upright, doing that since Feb 2001!
  5. teltech

    Annual Army Run (merged)

    I too ran the 1/2, and I agree it was an absolutely inspirational run and what a beautiful day for it. This was the first time I ran in an organized run, and I knew I could knock off 5km so I figured, "what the heck - go for the 1/2". Excellent organization, and if I can I intend to be back...
  6. teltech

    Ride for Dad and the Military Families Fund

    I would like to but my leave plan forbids it... at least I was able to do the one here in Kingston back in May. That old time and money thing...
  7. teltech

    Whats it like to be a LCIS tech

    Assuming you do become a tech, you will be taught what you need to know about the aspects of the job. POET and 3's are primarily to teach you the fundamental skills you need to know, and you will get equipment specific training depending on the unit you are posted to. If preparation is your...
  8. teltech

    The Poppy Selling Superthread- Merged

    The widget you are referring to can be found at http://poppysaver.com/. I bought a couple some time ago, and it's definitely the way to go.  You still give a donation for the poppy every year, but then you simply replace the centre piece. I am not associated with the company, just a satisfied...
  9. teltech

    Al Qaeda use two 'Down's syndrome' women to blow up 73 people in Baghdad markets

    Disgusting doesn't even begin to cover it.  :rage: And these are the type of people Taliban Jack would have us negotiate with??  :threat:
  10. teltech

    Journalist Sentenced to Death

    Flip, I think you've discovered every peacenik's deepest held belief. Unfortunately it's so much easier to stick one's head in the sand than to face unpleasant truths. Wasn't there someone a year or two ago that was upset with viewing images of troops in A'stan during Cristmas because it made...
  11. teltech

    ear protection

    I have a pair of Gunfenders from my previous life, and they fit the bill very well (not that I'm expecting to be in a firefight anytime soon). They rock at the range - I can actually hear all the range commands clear as day, and the plugs are designed to block high impact noise. At one time they...
  12. teltech

    Thoughts on deployment/rotation length & HLTA

    My 2 cents worth.... Up in Kabul (yes some people forget we still have some troops there) the sigs det has 2 people from one unit, and one from "elsewhere". The person from "elsewhere" rotates in with the regular rotation, and the two from the other unit rotates in halfway through the rotation...
  13. teltech

    Bikers son snubbed by Military

    Quite literally "The sins of the father..."
  14. teltech

    Angry Wasps

    "OK, now go get the camera." "I'm not getting the camera, YOU go get the camera!" "I'm not getting the camera..." "What about Mikey?"...
  15. teltech

    Rick Mercer named Sea King squadron Honorary Colonel

    Ahh, that explains the four bars he was wearing when he visited us forgotten ones here in Kabul  :salute:
  16. teltech

    Canadian air force also faces cash crunch

    The Royal NDHQ Regiment?  :blotto:
  17. teltech

    Dilbert - Too close to real life for comfort.

    Thanks. That was the impression I was getting, but I was getting my brain twisted in a knot reading through the legalese.
  18. teltech

    Dilbert - Too close to real life for comfort.

    It's an aquired taste ;D
  19. teltech

    Dilbert - Too close to real life for comfort.

    http://www.cb-cda.gc.ca/info/act-e.html#29.1 If I understand it correctly, section 29 of the Copyright Act can apply to this situation, since part of the discussion was the civilian mindset when dealing with the military. If any lawyers want to comment, I'm all ears. Mods, if it turns out I'm...
  20. teltech

    Dilbert - Too close to real life for comfort.

    I shouldn't think so - I get these for free, and as long as the copyright stuff is plainly visible. Of course, feel free to correct me.