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  1. Freight_Train

    What book are you reading now?

    Hunting Down Saddam by Robin Moore wasn't so great, seemed to be pieced together... About 1/2 way through Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, enjoyed World War Z by the same author Greg
  2. Freight_Train

    Dad Busted After Baby Son Calls 911

    If there is a dropped 911 call police can enter the residence in exigent circumstances, (including locked rooms) this is also backed up by case law, in particular: R. v. Godoy, 1999 CanLII 709 (S.C.C.). The police have common law power to enter but only insofar as is necessary to determine if...
  3. Freight_Train

    What book are you reading now?

    Just finished, Cold Zero : Inside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team by Christopher Whitco - good read and some insight into Ruby Ridge and Waco as well as the evolution of the FBI. Am about a third through, Outside the Wire. The War in Afghanistan in the Words of Its Participants. Edited by Kevin...
  4. Freight_Train

    Fifteen Days

    Just got my copy today and am looking forward to the read.
  5. Freight_Train

    New Videos From Scott Kesterson

    AT WAR is a documentary film about the chaos of war, set in Afghanistan. It was created through the strength and immediacy of subject driven storytelling, drawing from the rich ethics of traditional photojournalism. It speaks a message, not of a single country, but of a common humanity. It is a...
  6. Freight_Train

    Fathers of dead soldiers laud Karzai plea

    You should read some of the comments here - http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20070919.wcankarz0919/CommentStory/National/home#comments I had to stop after I hit the "Maybe they should rent the documentary Farrenheit 911 shown on CBC recently which will prove to them that our...
  7. Freight_Train

    The movie called Shooter

    Loved this line - "I don't think you understand - these people killed my dog." ;D
  8. Freight_Train

    Decorated Canadian soldier beaten and taunted by his fellow citizens

    I am just incredulous that someone would do this.  Best wishes and a speedy recovery to the MCPL. Greg
  9. Freight_Train

    Supplementary reserve?

    FWIW, I released February 2006.  I just have BMQ.  I asked to be released to the supplementary reserve.  First answer I got was yes, then no, then yes again. One thing I was told was that I would be released from the supp list sometime in 2007 due to something about the pension? Currently trying...
  10. Freight_Train

    what pilots do when they are not flying?

    ;D http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-1596030407828373161&q=gold+bond
  11. Freight_Train

    purchasing Parkhurst berets online

    What about a black one?  PPCLI doesn't carry them.... Thanks, Greg
  12. Freight_Train

    Canadian Special Operations Force Command (CANSOFCOM)

    The official Canadian Special Operations Forces Command webpage is up - http://www.cansofcom.forces.gc.ca/en/index_e.asp
  13. Freight_Train

    Famous Pictures

    Fallen Comrades of the PPCLI??? http://www.silviapecota.com/pages/1_Army.html
  14. Freight_Train

    CSOR in Kamloops, BC

    Article reproduced under the Fair Dealings  provisions of the Copyright Act. http://www.canada.com/components/print.aspx?id=43f1becd-1cfe-452d-982f-53e29ca0d7d5 Creating Canada's new Commandos Elite fighting regiment will soon be ready for 'all sorts of scenarios'   The Ottawa Citizen...
  15. Freight_Train

    CSOR in Kamloops, BC

    Article reproduced under the Fair Dealings  provisions of the Copyright Act. http://www.mytelus.com/news/article.do?pageID=news_home&articleID=2326358 Canadian special ops soldiers training in Kamloops full image Capt. Greg Poehlmann says Kamloops was chosen for training the elite force...
  16. Freight_Train

    CTV Video of Afghanistan Fighting

    downloadable video here - http://www.militaryvideos.net/  ;D
  17. Freight_Train

    Suspect in bomb plot was Canadian soldier

    The RCMP recently started using the polygraph again - http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/recruiting/polygraph_e.htm
  18. Freight_Train

    SAR Units on Rick Mercer Report tonight

    Was a good episode - for those that missed it - http://www.cbc.ca/mercerreport/
  19. Freight_Train

    ?B-Coy RM Rangers Shut Down?

    The cadets are still using the armoury though I have heard rumours that it will be coming down sooner, rather than later.  If B Coy was up and running in Salmon Arm I would re-enlist in a heartbeat... Greg