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  1. Guardian

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    Canada used to have a mixed force of front-line fighters and light attack aircraft (CF-5s). How about cutting the proposed CF-18 replacement order to around the size of the Dutch order to maintain a high-intensity/frontline air warfare capability, and then pick up a few dozen of something like...
  2. Guardian

    CIC application - possible after Reg Force medical release?

    (Mods, if this has already been asked and answered, feel free to lock - just point me in the right direction; I searched with little success) I'm interested in re-entering the CF as a CIC officer. I was a reg force officer before some years ago; problem is, I was hurt in training and had to...
  3. Guardian

    3 CMBG?

    I thought 2RCR was part of 2 CMBG. Never heard of 3 CMBG. But I've been out of the loop for a while. HOw about that misspelling of the RCR's regimental name.
  4. Guardian

    Forces may ice ships

    Having the capability should itself be sufficient proof of our presence.
  5. Guardian

    Forces may ice ships

    If someone already mentioned this and I missed it (I did look) I apologize. One of the most significant manifestations of our lack of control over the Arctic is the presence of US, Russian, and other nuclear submarines under the icecap. These will be next to impossible to control with...
  6. Guardian

    Aug 3rd/06: Sgt Vaughn Ingram, Cpl Bryce Jeffrey Keller, Pte. Kevin Dallaire

    Another reminder that standing for what's right has its cost. My condolences to the families and the PPCLI. May our brothers rest in peace.
  7. Guardian

    Question to the CBC and Left

    Here's hoping! It's not just the CBC - I remember back when the UN post was hit, CTV put up excerpts from our observer's previous e-mail to them. They only put up the parts that talked about how close the rounds had been falling to them. I was waiting for them to put up the crucial last line -...
  8. Guardian

    PM diverts his plane to Cyprus to pick up families, Thats Leadership

    Good on him. Lead by example. I'm liking that guy more every day.
  9. Guardian

    The Arctic Military Base Thread [merged]

    Just an idea... If we are serious about reinforcing our sovereignty up north, might it be practical to station some ground forces up there? More than just a training cadre at this proposed arctic warfare school, but actually a "rapid reaction force" of sorts. This would give some heavier...
  10. Guardian

    Canadian Press: Canadian Artillery obsolete and inaccurate

    Not to mention that many gunners (at W Bty, at least) who worked with both the C3 and LG1 didn't have a very high opinion of the LG1. Trails were very heavy and the wheels really tiny - and the gun kept bottoming out in deployments as a result.
  11. Guardian

    CBC Radio News: Ten injured in Rocket attack at KAF

    Prayers for a speedy recovery. Watching the news, I'm impressed (but not surprised) at the professionalism and composure of the troops at KAF despite the situation. They're doing us proud.
  12. Guardian

    Canadian Attack Helicopters

    What about putting m134 miniguns on the CH-47's rather than arming some cyclones specifically for assault? One of the air force guys can correct me if I'm wrong, but I would think that one (rather grim) advantage of having escorts is that if a SAM were fired at the Chinook, it has a smaller...
  13. Guardian

    Canadian Attack Helicopters

    It sounds like a great idea (knowing nothing about aircraft as I do). The problem that pops to mind is this: the government is able to do a quick buy of the Chinook simply because there really isn't a lot of competition in that lift bracket, and also because we have institutional experience...
  14. Guardian

    Captain Nichola K.S. Goddard killed in Afghanistan (17 May 2006)

    Nic was a friend and classmate of mine, and a fellow gunner. I had nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for her, and so did those she served with. She was as professional as they come. She loved Canada, the Army, and the guns. It was my privilege to have counted her as a friend. I...
  15. Guardian

    Canadian resolve weak: Taliban official

    Anyone else feel that the justification given by different parties for having a debate ("We need more information.... The public needs to know more...") is somewhat tepid? FIRST POINT: we've been in AFG since 2002, and the situation there, while overshadowed by Iraq, has still been reported in...
  16. Guardian

    Canadian Sea King crashes off Denmark

    Not much out yet, other than that the crew survived: Sea King helicopter on a Canadian warship has crashed off Denmark -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- at 17:44 on February 2, 2006, EST. HALIFAX (CP) - A Sea King helicopter on a Canadian...
  17. Guardian

    The Khadr Thread

    Traitor. The guy is no different than those who supported the Nazis. Let him face the consequences of his actions.
  18. Guardian

    CF-188 Hornet, Canada's jet fighter

    Granted - you're right. My examples seem to prove "might makes right" - not exactly the point I'm trying to make...  :-X Maybe I'll try it this way, then. If all opinions are created equal, then why share them at all? After all, if his opinion is as good as anyone else's, then it has no need of...
  19. Guardian

    CF-188 Hornet, Canada's jet fighter

    Postmodernism at its finest... Keep in mind that the very reason a military exists in the first place is because some opinions are worth more than others. We went to war in 1939 because we judged Hitler's opinion about the future of Europe to be less valid than ours. We went to war in 1950...
  20. Guardian

    New personal equipment for soldiers

    Another tangent, but what the heck is this? From the original article: 20th Regiment???  W Battery belongs to the Artillery SCHOOL, not the "20th Regiment RCA (CTC)." There's no 20th Regiment at CTC; not even in the Atlantic Area. There's no excuse for this. This isn't some civvie reporter...