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    New Vehicle Programs

    which brings me back to the original question...with no tanks in Pet and Val Cartier,  and the Coyote all but gone...what will the corps (RCD & 12 RBC) be using for vehicles...will I see a Regt of TAPV's roll past on parade in the future??? What about the new LRSS being switched to LAV 3...
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    New Vehicle Programs

    Good day all just wondering black hatter thoughts on the role of the corps once all the new vehicle programs are fielded. Currently the Coyote is marked for elimination and replaced by TAPV...so does it become a true Armd asset??. Who mans the CCV.. turret and driver wise?? Will tanks make it to...
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    MGS/MMEV dead yet?

    I would highly doubt the cancellation of a few Canadian MGS orders will affect GDLS-C in the slightest. It would only speed up production for USA and follow on orders from other countries. With the Americans footing the bill for R&D for Stryker series of vehicles, I'm pretty sure GDLS is quite...
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    Important things to remember if you're in armor

    you could spend hours going thru crazy stuff you seen or were part of. Two things for myself was to send new gunners to collect the lazer dots so we would be prepared for the next days trg, you always got a few vollenteers the first time. Another time I remember in Germany was moving Rotten...
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    Retiring?? Things They Don't Tell You at Release Section

    Posted this in another thread but thought it important enough to start a new one. I retired in 2001 after 23 yrs. Dental coverage was explained as a one time shot to sign up for so no big deal, I signed up. After working at a defense engineering company for 4+ yrs I was laid off and of course...
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    Future Pension Outlooks

    Just thought I would drop a tidbit of info that was not explained to me when I "retired", normally a person gets because their time has come and/or they have other employment lined up. This new position would normally include company health and dental benefits..all fine and good. However in some...
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    I understand the terrain is pretty difficult, anyone know or hear how the vehicle is holding up (suspension, etc) and would "tracks" serve better in this terrain vs wheeled?? I agreed with the original concept of using the Nyala for patrolling urban or built up areas, but it seems once again...
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    G-Wagon turret

    all external components are attached to the mount, day camera w/ uncooled 3rd generation thermal sight, eletrical traverse and elevation motors, C-6 MG, about 300 lbs in total. Heads up display and joystick mounted inside, takes up little room at all. Plus it goes with army policy of being able...
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    G-Wagon turret

    why would'nt they mount a RWS on top, plenty of spares sitting around??
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    B sqd 8CH Petawawa 1986-88 am looking for old friends

    I spent all my Petawawa yrs in B Sqn (84-90) & (94-97), including all the tps and Ops Sgt positions, Les was my roommate for a few of those years and we have remainded in touch ever since, I was talking with him last week in fact. If you know Les at all you would realize I would need 2 hrs to...
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    Athene Tactical System vs. Situational Awareness System

    I think to truly understand SAS and TAC C2IS (ATS, OPERA, LFCMS) you must first read up on and understand the LCSS (Land Command Support System) Model, the bigger picture puts everything else into perspective
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    MLVW Replacment

    My understanding is the Gov't tried to bypass the RFP rules a few yrs ago with a direct buy of S&S vehicles and was caught. It was a bad deal in the end, with no regional contracts and no long term support...just the truck itself. Civy companies involved are all well aware of the rules and...
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    Comms COE Question

    I'd be interested in knowing who will/may be designated COE for new systems such as SAS or TAC C2IS. I know who will eventually instruct these systems, but who will control/monitor individual trg. tanks
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    Mini UAVs and 'B' bty

    Anyone know who within the Cbt Arms have been identified as COE for UAV ops?? or has this not been confirmed yet
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    Looking for Lane Lambert and Danny Starns

    Cindy Lou; I knew your mother very well and every May 2nd I always take time to think about her, even after all these years. I can be reached at sabot39@hotmail.com and maybe help answer some of the questions you may have. She was a tremendous influence on anyone she met and I defy anyone to...
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    Comms COE Question

    Is the Armd School still the COE for basic and/or advanced comms trg and if they are to what extent. I know adv comms is not covered anymore, but is it still on the books as being a viable course?? Is comms trg for all combat arms or the army as a whole including officers?? I was out before...
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    The APV Thread

    Look for the Bushmaster to be purchased under a "Gun Tractor" type project later on, Dingo from KMW lost out to GDLS crap...or so I have heard, Bushmaster was the beast to go with, caught project by surprise when it was presented, but unforseen op logistics details, it had to be withdrawn from...
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    Great Names in the Royal Canadian Armour Corps

    Greetings all, how could anyone not mention "Mr.Natural" Dean Jones when talking about Lahr in the early '80's. Another old soldier I have lost touch is Cyril Duke, went to the rock in the mid 90's and was never seen again??