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    Logistics Officer vs Intelligence Officer vs Other Officer Trades...Need Advice

    According to The Strategic Intake Plan (SIP) for FY10/11, they forecasted 5 for DEO.
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    MOC Training

    Here's the draft course calendar for Sig Ops for FY10/11 (draft).  Unfortunately, you have to be on DWAN to read the link. http://cfsce.kingston.mil.ca/Catalogue/CFSCE%20FY%2010-11%20Course%20Calendar.xls
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    A question for an MCC...

    I was in a conference concerning Navy Technical Occupations Trials.  It seems that the navy has had great difficulty in recruiting people for their technical occupations.  The main reason people were being turned down was that the candidates didn't have grade 10 Academic Math and Physics...
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    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    Here's a link for Terms of Service (TOS). You need a DWAN computer for the link. http://hr3.ottawa-hull.mil.ca/docs/instruction/instructions/engraph/0505_AnnA1_e.asp
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    Age Limits to Join

    You can get your GED re-imbursed through the military.....but, in your case, the recruiter will still encourage you to finish high school.
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    Question about Payroll Deposit

    Sometimes (just "sometimes") you can get away with a second split allotment if you are on a Tour (which lasts around 6 months). You can always make a regular pay allotment, though, if you still want money going to that account.
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    Separation pay/benefits

    If the military didn't cause the separation, then why should the military compensate you for the separation?
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    Single Quarters & Rations (R&Q) [MERGED]

    The link is on DWAN/intranet. When you're on ration strength, then it's a monthly deduction.  I was only commenting that I did not get free R&Q when I was separated and already paying for housing.
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    Single Quarters & Rations (R&Q) [MERGED]

    If I got a nickel for every time that situation occurred while I was in the Orderly Room, then I'd have no money at all... http://admfincs.mil.ca/qr_o/vol3/Ch208_e.asp#208.50 CBI 208.50(2)(c) and CBI 208.505(2) will grant you free R&Q if you are entitled to Separation Expense (which the OP is...
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    Question About Suitability For Trade

    If you are "suitable" for a trade, then it means that you can get that trade (IF there's an opening).  If you are "not suitable" for a trade, then you won't get an offer for that trade.
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    BMQ and Release

    I got this from CFAO 15-2 - A member who requests voluntary release while undergoing recruit training will have the request granted no later than the completion of that training.  A reasonable period to allow for counselling and administration may precede release action.
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    Special Leave Question

    I don't see Mexico on the "Restricted" lists http://vcds.mil.ca/cfpm/pubs/pol-pubs/ndsp/chap38A_e.asp http://vcds.mil.ca/cfpm/pubs/pol-pubs/ndsp/chap38B_e.asp Here's the new leave policy manual http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dgcb-dgras/pd/lea-con/doc/cflpm-mprcfc-eng.pdf
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    I was told from a instructor based on a release we are entitled to...

    The commissionaire will take your application, but (I believe) a person with just a month or two months of service in the military will not  impress them....it might actually set up some red flags.
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    New recruiting numbers

    I used to be a Recruiter in the early 80s.  I now work with CDA and am involved with the next Fiscal Year crses and MOC/MOSID recruiting numbers
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    New recruiting numbers

    I looked at the Strategic Intake Plan (SIP) for FY 10/11 for MSE OP - they plan on taking 169 External and 45 In-Service
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    Plans enquiries!

    If you enrol in the military as an NCM, you'll "join" for a period of 3 to 5 years (depending on the occupation).  Then (if under LOTP) you can go for an Occupational Transfer (OT)  if you have MORE than 3 years but less than 6 years. You can't change plans every year (sorry)
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    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    I checked the CFAOs 49-4 for Reg Force:  30 months qualifying time (needs QL 3) CFAO 49-5 for Res Force:  a.    successful completion of General Military Training (GMT) (Recruit and Basic);  b.  successful completion of QL1 training as defined by CHQ; and  c.  attainment of six months service.
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    QL5A / QL6A

    According to the Long Range Planning Model (LRPM) There's a request for 80 pers for Fiscal Year 10/11: 60 in-service (already in the military) and 20 skilled/semi-skilled.  As of now, CFSMI has the capacity for 48 pers only (2 serials)...it's still being discussed on how to resolve the numbers...
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    QL5A / QL6A

    I went to the Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence (CFSMI) Website and copy/pasting their blurb on QL5A. "Intelligence Operator Journeyman Course The IntOp QL5A Course is aimed at producing a knowledgeable specialist, capable of assisting in the production of that intelligence...
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    Too Big/Tall for Armoured?

    Here's a link on 2 RCHA http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/land-terre/units-unites/unit-unite-eng.asp?id=586