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    Competitive Infantry Application?

    Hello Army Forums, I apologize if this question is in the wrong category. I'm not very experienced with the site. What does a recruit need on their application to be considered competitive for an enlisted infantry position? I've been talking with the recruiting office and they've said that...
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    Friendly Advice for potential Infantry Officer candidates

    Thank you winds_13 for your reply. I guess I'm going in with quite an all or nothing philosophy, without much room for compromise. JTFX or HUMINT (I don't know what the proper term is) sounds very interesting though. I can't really find any information about it unfortunately (not surprising)...
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    Friendly Advice for potential Infantry Officer candidates

    Hello Army.ca Forums: As a naive university student, it is my goal to serve as a regular force infantry officer after I graduate, ideally in a Parachute Company. I've read many of the topics about serving as an infantry officer on this forum, and a question that I have that I do not believe has...