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    For Sale - 64 Pattern Ruck bags for sale

    How water resistant are these bags (both CADPAT and OD).  Is the material similar to that of the tacvest in that it's lined w/ some rubber-like material on the inside? Thanks.
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    All things GPS (recommendations, tips, etc.) - merged

    Most GPS compasses are 2-axis compasses.  You must hold them horizontal.  The one that you can hold in any position is a 3 axis compass.  I believe you are talking about the Magellan eXplorist 600. http://www.magellangps.com/en/products/product.asp?PRODID=1073
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    All things GPS (recommendations, tips, etc.) - merged

    I recently bought an Etrex Summit and it works fairly well...haven't really done any field stuff w/ it though. WAAS - IIRC, all of the Etrex line have WAAS now.  Before the non-mapping units (original, summit, venture) did not have WAAS.  All non-mapping units were upgraded last year to have...
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    Infantry Trade Badge

    See JBeach's post...only 2 posts above yours.
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    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    The "Unit" would be where he is being employed in Gagetown and not his home unit in Vancover (ie. Infanty School, Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering, 2RCR, etc).  Also try to list sub-units as well to be more specific (ie. Reserve Engineer Training Squadron).
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    A Town Called Edgar

    EX Domestic Guardian 25-27 Feb 05 DRU EX w/ RCMP/OPP
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    Your opinions, please....

    Just to clarify, the Young Offenders Act was replaced by the Youth Criminal Justice Act in 2002. Supposedly it tries to fix many of the problems that the YOA had.  I believe one of the big things was the harsher (adult) punishments for serious crimes for 16 yr olds or at least a greater...
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    Reserve infantry units in the Waterloo (University) area

    On a related note, if you're willing to be away from an inf unit while at Loo, I believe 48 Field Engineer Squadron is up and running.  Not sure what an infanteer would do in an engr unit but just trying to open up other possibilities. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there's only 2...
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    Must Have Kit, Canadian Style

    Stealth suits are available at both the RCR and PPCLI kitshops.  As to who actually manufactures them, I have no clue.
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    Illegal to trap cats?

    I've heard that spreading coffee grinds on your lawn will keep cats away...YMMV.  Worth a shot.
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    Canadian peacekeeper gear...

    I remember seeing a CADPAT camelback in some issue of the MapleLeaf or some other mil publication.  I'm sure they exist but are as an operational item only (not sure though).
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    Looking to Buy a Patrol Pack

    You may want to check out the packs from Maxpedition. http://www.maxpedition.com/product/catalog_backpack.htm I've heard from some people that they're pretty good.   Although not CADPAT (they do have US Woodland) it's worth a look.   I'm looking to get one myself in OD.   Gonna use it for army...
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    What is the best style of applying face Cam?

    There are lot of tips in applying/removing cam. What I do is put sunscreen on first (it's usually somewhere on your kit during the summer) as a base layer and then apply cam in the diagonal stripes.  3 fingers, 3 colours, wipe.  To remove, water and soap.  Shaving cream'll really help to if you...
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    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    I've used a different brand shaving oil a couple of times.  Makes shaving more comfortable but I noticed it clogged up my razor and it was hard to clean out of the Mach3 (switched to dispossables in my field bag).  Now a days I use an electric razor...simple and fast and easy but I keep the oil...
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    Canadian peacekeeper gear...

    I believe there were only 3 types issued. The first was a stainless (shinny) Gerber that's similar to the one on the CP site except the blades/tools wouldn't lock in place. The second was a black version of the original Gerber that had locking tools (exactly as the CP link). The newest one is a...
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    Bayonet obsolete? Not yet, apparently -

    And I supposed you'll jerry rig this extra mag to replace where the bayonet goes? You wanted to argue semantics.  I just played along.  I was simply stating there are other uses for a bayonet.  It's not dead weight. I'll just leave this thread alone...I really want to know what others think...
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    Bayonet obsolete? Not yet, apparently -

    Ok no SQ, then the old QL2 then. Read my wording...it is still USED in modern combat...WHAT were the PWRR using...bayonets.  Therefore that negates your "No it hasn't." The bayonet is part of your FFO.  Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. So I supposed you...
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    Bayonet obsolete? Not yet, apparently -

    What were you taught to use if there was a mine strike?  I believed it was covered in your SQ.  Your bayonet.  The cleaning rod is probably good as a back up trip wire feeler (just gota be more more careful w/ it because it's harder to feel tension). Britney Spears, have you not read any of the...
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    Bayonet obsolete? Not yet, apparently -

    Although some say the bayonet is obsolete, being the engr, I have to point out that landmines are not.  How many infanteers carry mineprodders?  Well then, guess what you'll be prodding w/.  The bayonet may not be as effective in its intended role as before, but now there are other uses for it.