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    Relinquishing rank when transferring to reg force (inf)

    the Pl agreed. The Platoon Commander is always going to be in his own little world,  thats why we've got the LAV SGT up there with him.
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    Relinquishing rank when transferring to reg force (inf)

    Yes, I was also CT, and if you got the impression from my comment that I wasn't a fan of 'Quick Picks' that is not the case, some of my best friends are from the Militia, I do not hold them in low regard, they bring more life experience to the table. First you're right, it is not my place to...
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    Relinquishing rank when transferring to reg force (inf)

    Almost 3 years ago, I completed a CT to the reg force, and I am currently in a battalion that with the last couple of months has received a large amount of reservists, some have stayed jacks, but a majority of them lost the leaf, and are now PLQ and ASA qualified CPLS, IMO this isn't fair...
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    Intelligence Operator & CSOR/JTF2

    Is CANSOF responsible for their own intelligence gathering ? Or do they receive assistance from JTF-X source handler operators?
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    How does the CSOR selection/training differ from the Patrol Pathfinder course?

    If you were anywhere near that level or point in your career where you're setting your sights on either of those, I'd expect you to know the answer..
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    The brown Temperate Combat Boot (AKA: Mk IV Cbt Boot) - No longer CADPAT

    Have you guys seen the brown boots yet? I ask because one of guys I work with has been issued them already, ill try and catch up with him tomorrow and snap a photo of the boots.
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    Just to follow up with everyone, and thanks for the replys, helped out..... I was given equivlency for everything i've done so far in the reserves, kept rank, and will be badged a patrica at some point soon. I was not given any notice of a battalion I may go to as of yet, but I have been told...
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    Refresher wouldnt hurt at all, thanks for clearing up.
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    sevensixtwo- accepted my offer into the regs, I feel the storys of rainbows, and fluffy clouds i was told to me slowly fading away, and beautiful cow crap smell of wainwright coming in... I wanted to add, if anyone has first hand experience in CT or understands the system i'm a little curious...
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    I was just told as of this morning, from my company clerk, that within 2 weeks time I will recieve my offer for REGFORCE Infantry from (reserve INF)  and if I accept I could be in Wainwright by 1 april.  So I guess its my lucky day, but if theres one thing i've learned, don't believe much in...
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    A good friend of mine is moving on to his CT interview from Reserve Infantry to Pilot, So it looks like he's getting somewhere finally. Now if anyone is also trying to switch to RegForce Infantry from Reserve, we've still got a long wait ahead, I put my CT in in October 2010, and as of last...
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    Take a GoPro camera to basic?

    It wouldn't really be worth it dude, chances are good you wouldn't be allowed either, it is BMQ after all. Side note i was on ex MAple Defender 2011 this past summer in wainwright, and I asked about being able to wear a helmet camera, and I was told that it was too big a hassle to get people to...
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    Mail suspected of containing drugs, child porn goes unchecked: Customs workers

    Oh, Sweet! Atleast they find the time to take and confiscate my wine. :rage: Cheers,
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    Reg force volunteering

    The same experience you would bring to the table with your Military Identity.
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    “I wish to go to an Army base.”: Make-A-Wish Foundation

    wow! Good on the americans for helping his dreams come true.
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    Reg force volunteering

    I'm a reservist, so it may be a different route. But I just rolled up and started. I needed to get vulnerable sector screening, and then coincidently my EX- RSM was volunteering with them as well, and told me to send up a memo to him through my CoC, and now I technically am working as cadet...
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    Next step

    You could always join the reserves, while going to a civilian University, on your own dime.
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    Sick Android app

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    Cmbt CADPAT shirts

    Well, I'm not sure about the inside pockets, I never really thought to ask.
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    Cmbt CADPAT shirts

    To confirm, ALL the pockets on the front are there.