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    More detail on Trades other than Forces.ca?

    I am still in the process of obtaining all of my transcripts before I apply, just I have all my documents ready. However I have a handful of trades in mind, and I was just wondering if there is anymore information on the trades than what's on the forces.ca website? The trades I'd like to find...
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    When do I need documents?

    So I'm just wondering how soon after submitting my application I'll need my documents like school transcripts and birth certificates etc. Should I wait until I gather all of them before finally submitting my application? I know it might take a week or two to get actually pick up my transcripts...
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    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't pass PT today.

    So based on my current fitness level. I know full well I can't pass PT if I had to do it right now today, in the slightest. 19 push-ups? I can do maybe 8, and 3-4 probably would not count. I'm sitting at around 310lbs, with 225 lean around ~30% BF and I'm 5'10. I have a lot of work to do...