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    HMAS SUCCESS investigation

    Shame on the officers for standing idle... it is their frigging job. I hope the CO gets a good kick in the ass and a dishonourable discharge.
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    AEC streams

    Well, as of right now, and from the mouth of the BTL Manager, the trade is and will remain closed. AW is full. ATC still needs people. Sorry to break it to ya... it was bad for me too.
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    Home Equity Assistance & "Military Families Pushed to Financial Ruin" (Merge)

    As well, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think collective action or recourse by members of the CF is forbidden.
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    Chance of Deployment [Merged]

    Here is a pie chart of where dental techs can get posted. Please note, this includes up to CWO. Yours to see how well this fits with your hubby's preferences. Yes I know... I just like pie charts...
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    Home Equity Assistance & "Military Families Pushed to Financial Ruin" (Merge)

    Second that, the delta between what you paid and what you recoup is supposed to represent extra enjoyement of your home.
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    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    Wow, so it would then indeed confirm that it is quicker to go reserves and get promoted before going reg force. How odd...
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    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    As well, I seem to recall frm reading the policy multiple times that if you hold an uncontrolled rank (Pte, Cpl, 2Lt, Lt, Capt) then you will not lose your rank. Certainly all the officers CT I have seen have followed that rule.
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    Occupational Transfer Interviews

    The OP was a pilot and apparently did not fare well in his/her training.
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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    I don't even know why the program is still around to be honest, with no problems at all in recruiting and some people having already been released or undergoing admin action for failing to complete their degree in 9 yrs...
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    Military - Family Life Balance

    Well, kids never cope well with separation. I was away for 4 months last year and am going away for another four next week. But keeping in contact, as often as you can, is good, as is leaving things that will remind the kid of you. The MFRC can help you and your partner research ideas for your...
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    Eddie Bauer Rememberance Day Sale - enraging bad taste or so-what?

    But then, don't forget. Rememberance Day is one of the highest-grossing sales day in the NCR... ah, all those public servants honouring the memory of veterans by spending that somber day spending away... Hey, it's good for the economy! ::)
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    Guy Fawkes night!

    I doubt anyone would even know what it`s for...
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    Guy Fawkes night!

    Anyone knows if anything is taking place in the NCR/Center of the World,Ottawa? My Brit wife would  certainly like it.
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    Wanted: Someone to Replace ATC Radar at 7 Sites

    So true... I just wish we had (as in the GoC and the CF) the guts to call it what it is...dead. Surely that would relieve us of regulatory requirements...
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    Guys I really need some advice about my life.... joining the army is an option

    Well your friend is a moron, then. What is challenging? Know that, in some trades, training is identical to Reg Forces. For example, as a naval Log O, you`d undergo a RegF equivalent basic officer course, with push ups in the mud and ruck marches  and all that good stuff, followed by the many of...
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    UK and France to pool defense assets and share costs

    I see. By realpolitik I myself meant meant geopolitical power calculations and balance of power as the cornerstone of foreign policy. I see you mean political realism as a whole. Then obviously they are being completely realist, not moral  :) Put it that way, I believe their realism is more the...
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    Wanted: Someone to Replace ATC Radar at 7 Sites

    Goose Bay? Really? I know it is the policy of our government to save the base and re-invest there, but I thought we were also trying to save money. I don't know how this contract will cost (probably not a fortune), but I would have hoped that we would have seen the writing on the wall by now...
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    UK and France to pool defense assets and share costs

    I am not so convinced "realpolitik" is the underlying motive here. I seem to remember France siding with Germany more often than not in the last decade, and save for a few crusty characters in Whitehall, I think the British "divide-and-conquer" strategy on the continent is somewhat forgotten...
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    "9 to 5: The spies not in the cold…"

    Maybe for uniformed personel, but as far as civilians are concerned, I know a couple of PhD`s that I sure as hell would not want anywhere near operations. Uniformed personnel MUST be capable in both. Civilians, well it depends on their position description. They don`t need to accept cross-training.