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1,768' Transmission Tower Climb Video


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This video is pretty neat of a technician climbing a 1,768' Transmission tower to make a repair. I was shocked that the last sections were done freeclimbing without any safety ropes.

If you're weary of aluminum extension ladders than this video might not be for you...... ;D

I had to turn my head a few times to remind my body that I was watching this on a computer. I now spell Vertigo, H-O-L-Y-C-R-A-P.
It explains an awful lot about linemen. 
I used to work at height alot, there is NO F'in way way I would do that. I couldn't even finish watching that.
If you can climb 30' you can climb 1768'.  If you fall just remember to keep your feet and knees together  ;D
Well, so much for that!  It's gone from YouTube.

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by TheOnLineEngineer.org."
Must be amazing to climb that high, I've only ever done the 150' at the school.  ;D
Taken from www.theonlineengineer.org

Where’d the video go?
Posted in Broadcasting, New!, Safety, TheOLE.Org on September 13th, 2010 by Russell Brown – 28 Comments
I sent out an email this weekend advertising a new video about tower climbing. It was a great video and I wish I could show it to you but the person I got it from expressed some concerns about how it reflected on the tower industry and ask me to take it down. So I did. But not to worry, we have agreed to work on more videos in the near future and I am sure they will be as good or better than the one I had to take down.

Sorry if you feel mislead or cheated but it was the only thing I could do.
I will let you all know when we have more videos on tower climbing, hopefully in the very near future. Thanks for tuning in.  Russ.

Bummer...that was the most exciting stomach churning video I have ever seen. Thank you to the authors.

Haggis said:
Well, so much for that!  It's gone from YouTube.

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by TheOnLineEngineer.org."

I know.  I just found this link and was like, "This is gunna be a cool video"  and then BAM, Youtube copyright crap. 
I worked for a telecommunications company in Alberta that built comm towers. It was a wild job, especially in winter. The highest I've been is 700 feet and that one didn't have a safety rail, so I had to climb it using alternating safety clips, a real pain in the ass. The guy I was working with was a veteran and free climbed the whole thing!

And for the record, any tower as big as the one in the video has an elevator, the video is just him climbing the top portion of the tower. It took us almost 2 hrs to get up a 700 foot tower, so to climb a 1800 foot tower would take half the day (and you would never get any work done before you have to head down). Still a wild video though, not a place I'd want to be in the middle of a thunderstorm.
You can see the video on "today's big thing":

Very cool video.
Thanks for finding this again.. I had to do a safety inspection on a 500 ft tower once and hated every hour of it.. Cant even imagine doing this for a living..
I won't look at obstacle courses the same way anymore.