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2008 Ford F-250 XLT 6.4l Twin Turbo, Powerstoke Diesel

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Hey All,

So here is the deal. 

My lease is up on my '16 F150.  Going to return it and I would like a cheap(ish) truck to use from now until Jan when I deploy again. 

I have been wanting to try out a diesel, and the truck needs to have 4x4 as I spend every waking moment in the bush hunting from Sept - Dec.  Luckily no sailing during those months.

This is the truck I am leaning towards:


I have done some research into the 6.4 Powerstroke and it doesn't seem great.  But the ad claims its fully deleted and bullydog tuned.  And I am hoping any issues would have been worked out by now.

Looking for thoughts from the community if you have owned a 6.4 or other Powerstorke. 

Thanks in advance!

PM sent:

Side note, she’s got plow hookups..... hard pass on that rig. Unless you wanna money pit on 4 wheels..... front end is probably roasted on that thing and is ready for some sucker to come around and fixer up. Dont be that sucker!!!!
No expert at all but fourth picture (looking at the truck from the rear) Is there a dent in the rear bumper (drivers side) Don't know if it affects the truck at all but it may have been in an accident, even a fender bender

Good Luck

Good morning,

I was a FoMoCo Tech from 1998-2013.

You are correct in your research, the 6.4l engine had it's share of issues and wasn't user friendly to start with, hence it being discontinued in 2011. The engine and fuel system themselves weren't the problem though. The EGR, DPF and DOC were what we had most trouble with, along with fuel consumption complaints. Once the delete was done (after the warranty was up), they became a reliable engine with improved fuel economy. Most of our customers stuck with them since the newer 6.7l required def.


On a side note, I noticed it only has 151,000 km on it. That's super low for a truck of that age (out west here anyway). I would assume, since it has a plow package, that it spent most of it's days sitting and pushing snow in a parking lot or something like that. I'd take a look at the front end, like has been mentioned. With the regular farm trucks around here, the front end would have been done once or twice by 150k though.