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6th Anti_tank Regiment WWII




I would appreciate any information regarding the  6th Anti_tank Regiment during WWII as my  uncle served in the regiment, but out family has two different dates for his death..one in 1942 and one in 1944.  ONe date is posted in the National Archives and we found another ina local  newspaper that covered his family's story at the time. 
I am  very appreciative in this matter.

Thank you

Brandy M, B. A., B. Ed.
Two organisations that may assist you with finding more info about your uncle, are the RED CROSS, and the Church of Jesus Christ / Latter Day Saint, (LDS).  The RED CROSS has historically done liason between the Military and the family.  I beleave that the Mormons keep archival / heredity records on file, so they may be another reference of KIA date of your uncle.

The 6th Anti-Tank Regt RCA was formed at Petawawa in April 1942 by Lt-Col J.A. Blackey from the 33rd, 56th, 74th adn 103rd Batteries (N.P.A.M.) Many of these soldiers were Home Defence personnel. Originally selected to serve on the Pacific Coast. January brought news that the unit was to go overseas. The N.R.M.A. personnel were wihtdrawn , to be replaced with general Service soldiers from the Pacific  Coast. At the End of May they crated its 6-pounders and left by train for Debert. In England the 6th Anti-Tank settled down at Marden Park, near Caterham, coming under Command of Headquarters 2nd Corps RCA.  At the end of November the Regt went into Billets at Seaford under a new CO, Lt-Col L.A. Devine, who formerly commanded the 7th Anti-Tank Regt. Before Winter was over, most of the unit's new equipment had arrived. The 33rd and 56th batteries got Self-Propelled (SP) m-10's and the 74th and 103rd got 17-pounders towed by Ram tanks. In April 1944 a move to the 2nd Corps concentration area near Hythe initiated the final preparations for action across the English Channel. During the the first Week of July the artillery of the 2nd Division, 2nd Army Group Royal Artilley (CDN) and Corp Troops (ie 6th Anti-Tank regt) embarked from East London to Tilbury.
The 6th Anti-tank Regt first offensiv was in support of Op Totalize   with its two SP Batteries supplying Anti-Tank protection to the assaulting troops. The anti-tank gunners moving with the infantry had been havingly a lively time. The 33rd battery in the initial assault, had accounted for an enemy lorry and towed gun. In the fighting for Garcelles-Secqueville a Mark IV tank. The 56th Battery had four of its M-10's knocked out by German tank and anti-tank fire.

In addition they futher participated in Op Tractable which was basically a continuation of Totalize. they participated in Op Blockbuster which was near Kepplin and Leeuwarden and Op Duck Rheiderland peninsula.

  If your Uncle died in 1942, he would have died in Training in Canada. It is more likely that he was Killled in Action.
Dear BrandyM and Company. 
We also lost an Uncle  in the 6th Anti Tank Regiment, RCA, during WWII In July 24th,  1944 in France. In regards to your posting We would be interested on any info that you
may have found on the 6th anti-tank.  Our Uncle was a Sergeant who volunteered who lived in the Eastern Townships in Quecbec.

Hi, my gramp was in RCEME till 7 June44 when he swithched branches. They utilized his driver-tracked and mechanics and gave him a position as driver for 74 Battery. He towed a 17 pounder from the beaches to Holland. They were very close proximity to Chaudieres, North Shores' , Reginas', basically any 3 Div infantry battalion. Many a night they shared the lines with these troops. Order of battle had them as part of 2 Corps HQ troops, but, they parked the 17s very close to Coy CPs so they could react quickly to any armoured that the infantry incountered. Took a bad hit one time from an 88' and took the side out of the RAM tank, which they used to tow with . Lost half the crew and gramp took schrapnel  in the shoulder. He was back in action within days. Those RAM tanks were built in Montreal and were outfitted with whatever engine they could weld into it. Gramp had one that had Chrysler rotary, Fords and 671 Detroit(screaminjimmy). He has told me many stories. I am very fortunate that to this day I can call him up any day and talk to him. Practically everything that I know about the army is from him. I joined up as a signaller.

See my post on 3rd Anti-tank regiment. The same thing applies to the 6th.
Also check out the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (www.cwgc.org).  They are VERY thorough in their record keeping.  You can do a search for your uncle's gravesite online.  Searching for his name might turn up more than one entry.  If so, you can usually find out which is the person related to you by the extra information given on the site.  They'll list everything they have.
Good luck!
I know this is old news, but I just came across this site.

I can second the comment on checking with the war graves commission. I looked up some of my dad's buddies and we visited their
graves at Beny sur Mer back in 1991. Another option for info on the 6th is to go to the national archives and pull the war diaries for the regiment. I did that as well for the 1991 trip and I may go back again to do a more complete job of it. Now that I've actually been to many of the battlefields I think some of the info would make more sense to me. I also have a small history of the 6th which was published right after the war, it's not very complete but it gives a good overview.

Dad was a tank driver with the 74th bty of the 6th AT. Unfortunately Dad never wanted to talk about the war too much so I've only gotten small snippits of info on his experiences. He has an MID but I don't know the story behind it and he can't talk about it.

a book was written about the 6th ant-tank , written by some of the senior officers,,,I have a copy of it and it tells a lot of info that ididn't know..my father was a serg in the 103rd and taken prisoner in st lambert sur dives,france along with several others which is mentioned in the book..if you care to contact me please do so... I live in eastern canada but at the moment in arizona for the winter,,,
I too have a Grandpa who fought in the 6th Anti-tank reg.  He told me a ton of stories about the war.  He was a gunner on the Ram tank.  I am also looking for a copy of the History of the 6th Anti-tank reg.  If anyone can help me locate a copy it would be very appreciated.
I had a great uncle who fought in ww2, he was a part of 6th anti tank regiment and made it through the war. I woud like to learn more information about the 6th anti tank reg. i know there is a book i would love to have a copy if anyone has any information
Photo Captions

3203401:  Private W.G. Lourie examining a German Jagdpanther 8.8cm. self-propelled gun which was put out of action by the first shot from a 17-pounder gun of the 6th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), in the Reichswald, Germany, 16 March 1945.

Location: The Reichswald, Germany
Date: March 16, 1945.
Photographer: Bell, Ken

3518916: Gunners M. Negraiff and G.M. Campeau of the 6th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), talking with a German mother and her child, Leer, Germany, 1 May 1945.

Location: Leer, Germany,
Date: May 1, 1945
Photographer: Grant, Lieut. Donald I.
Hello all,

Here is a group photo of the 33 Bty 6th Cdn Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery in which our father served. It is probable that group photos of the 56th, 74th & 103rd Btys would have also been taken on or about the same time.

The picture was taken by Artona Pembroke in Petawawa on August 18th 1942 and is numbered 892.

Please email me if you would like a JPEG. copy in high definition. (there is amazing detail when zoomed in on)

I read  somewhere that the regina rifles and the 6th anti tank regiment were together during the war i was wondering if anyone else had any iformation about that
The War Diaries of the 6Th Anti-Tank Regiment are on line.


Hi Dave - I’d like to see this photo. My Dad, Leighton Brown served in the 33rd and I’ve been contacted by a guy who’s putting together a memorial to those who served in Norfolk County during WWII and asking for a photo. I’d really appreciate it.

Brad Brown