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836 RMS Clk Pride!

Roy Harding said:
This (my experience AND my conclusions) applies to Army units only - I have no experience or opinion on how the Navy or Air Force might maximize the benefit they get from their personnel (although I strongly suspect that previous experience as a Bosun might accrue the same benefits to the Navy that previous experience as a Cbt Arms soldier give to the Army).
Having served in all elements throughout recent decades, the same applies pan CF. In fact what I witnessed is that the element the retread was serving in had little effect. Regardless if he was for Cbt Arm (including pers from other MOS’s) and serving on Ship, service & support provided was always superior to a straight RMS enrolment. My interpretation is that these folks have been on the other side of counter and are all too cognisant of what that actually means. Additionally they come with a much different work ethic and confidence in their abilities, which in turn means you do not have to hold them by the hand or deal (usually) with youthful arrogance (not to say ignorance).

Roy Harding said:
I think you'll find other Sr RMS Clks here on the boards who agree with my point of view - there are a variety of threads which touch on the issue.
CorporalMajor said:
I remember my Sgt beating the "Soldier first" mantra into my head, and I take it very seriously. I still manage to fare better in some recent long ruck hauls than many of my peers. But he's told me that many of today's svc pers in Afg are more fit, at least compared to those who balooned after MCpl. He told me, "those days where you see an obese sgt in supply are over" and for the sake of our army's success I hope that's true.

The "soldier first" mantra is much more than putting on a ruck and going for run, it is an attitude that cannot be taught.  I learned more from living the life of a combat arms soldier than any training ever taught, I learned empathy for the person on the other side of the counter.  Anyone can learn how to type and use the books, it is experience that truly teaches how the system actually works and where your true responsibilities lie, the people of your unit.
To be honest, although I want to keep my trade I wouldnt mind getting IFNT trg for the sake of becoming a better soldier - if that's what it takes.
CorporalMajor said:
To be honest, although I want to keep my trade I wouldnt mind getting IFNT trg for the sake of becoming a better soldier - if that's what it takes.

If you mean Inf (Infantry) trg - that's only PART of what it takes.  BEING an Infmn (or Crmn, or Arty, or Spr) IS what it takes.

Until you've lived the life - you won't understand the intricacies, challenges, or frustrations.

That being said - as I believe I mentioned elsewhere in this thread - MY preferred method is NOT the CF method.  Until it is, do your best to understand your cbt arms compatriots - at the very least, don't isolate yourself to socializing only with fellow RMS Clks, or other CSS types - get involved with Cbt Arms soldiers socially, or on sports teams and the like.

Good luck to you.