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A couple questions for the tankers ref Afg


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Hi All,
            I have a couple questions about armoured units in Afg. First, some background on me:My name is Darcy Grossinger and I am chair of Br#254 Royal Canadian Legion's Support Our Troops Committee in Whitehorse. What we do is, we "adopt" a platoon of Can soldiers in Afg and send them care packages. We also have made a $500 donation to the "Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warriors Fund". We are on our third adopted platoon right now. All have been Infantry Pl's so far. Some Legion members have asked me to look into possibly adopting a Tank Troop or Squadron for next time to change things up a bit. I do have a few questions. How many pers in a Tp in Afg now? Sqn? How about an Armd Recce Tp, Sqn? Do the tank crews or Recce dets spend much time in KAF? How often do they live on IMP's? Will they be spending most of their time in FOB's or on op? What are the amenities in a FOB? I want the pkg's to go to the troops that need it the most.
    If you have any OPSEC concerns and do not want to post, please PM me. Thank You
Nice to see that your legion branch is doing such a thing.... really nice & am sure it's appreceated.

Am certain some Zipperhead will come around soon to fill you in with the basic info you are looking for.

Keep it warm in Whitehorse ;)


(remember; there are never enough Sappers!)
Thanks geo,
                  I would like to adopt an Engineer Tp/Pl? in about 8 months. Would you be able to provide me a name/adr of a PlWO going over in a PM about 8 months from now? I will have to do an Arty Pl too I guess.
Engineer Tp in 8 months?
Umm... that'll be June/July of 08
That's just around the time when the TF 3/08 will be in theatre - soo - that'll be fielded by LFCA
Engineer Sqn in Kandahar will be coming out of 2 CER Petawawa.
Will have to see who is on the hook for that Roto.


As a currently serving member of the Tank Sqn overseas a few answers to your questions:

a tank troop:  16 pers
a tank Squadron: approx 90 (give or take there is a bit of flex ref SHQ and maintenance due to NSE involvement)

The tanks and their operators operate solely out of FOBs.  They do not stage out of KAF.  Most tankers go to KAF very sporadically at best.  There are plenty of goodies (junk food and such) in the FOBs.  Books, magazines, movies, board games... things like that are always appreciated.

Hope this helps

Thanks for everyone's help. I think we are going to go with either an Armd RECCE Tp or 2 Tk Tp's as this will give us the right #of pers (aprox 30-40). At 40 pers, every round of pkgs costs us about $1,000.00 . We send 2 or 3 rounds of pkgs for each Pl/Tp we adopt. Our current Pl is from 3Vandoo. It was arranged for us by our last Pl. We have adopted 3 Pls so far. One of the problems we have run into is, you cannot send pkgs to "Any Canadian Soldier" or even a Pl. You have to have a name to send it to. If anyone has any ideas on how I can get the name & adr of a TpWO from a RECCE Tp going over next tour or 2 Tk Tps, please let me know. If anyone has the ph#'s or Email of the tank units going over, I could sure use them. Thanks again.
Just an update: I have had no luck in getting names & adr for an Armd Recce Tp or 2 Tk Tps to adopt for the next tour. We have already sent our last round of care pkgs for our current platoon as they will be coming home soon. I would like to send pkgs to a new Pl/Tp(s) at the end of this month or beginning of next month. If someone could PM me the unit's phone # so I could phone them and explain what I want to do, it would be a great help to me. The members of my committee want to adopt other cbt arms Tps/Pls this time around (to be fair). If I can't get the phone #'s of other cbt arms Pls/Tps to adopt, I will have to go with my backup plan which is to adopt a Pl from my home unit (2PPCLI). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

          As a member of the recce Sqn preparing to leave soon for the next Roto with 1-08, here a couple info.

Armd Recce Tp: around 30
Armd Recce Sqn: around 90

If im looking with what the guys we gonna go replace soon,told us, they spend most of their time out of FOB and have not been alot in KAF. So far in FOB they eat at least 1 IMP a day and in Op its all the time for weeks.

If you are interested i can give you in PM a phone number to speak with our liaison officer at the job.

Thx for the support you give to us, its appreciated.

p.s. Dont look at typing error, english not my first language, sorry.
What you are doing is wonderful.

Thank you for all your efforts to help our troops in the field.

If you would you pls post the snail mail address for your Legion Branch ,  I think you might get some $$contributions to assist your cause.

Thank you all who have replied. Our address is :  Support Our Troops Campaign
                                                                        Royal Canadian Legion Br#254
                                                                        306 Alexander St.
                                                                        Whitehorse YT
                                                                        Y1A 2L6
                                                                        Phone :  office (867) 667-2802
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                                                                          email :  legion@northwestel.net

Thank you for the donation Hale. The email for the Legion is : branch254@northwestel.net