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A New Thread


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Posted by Greg Hawes <hawes@SEDSystems.ca> on Wed, 14 Jun 2000 14:54:23 -0600 (CST)
I would like to propose the following as a new thread for
the 50 die-hards which remain on the new list:
On 7 Jun 00, the MND announced that a contract was
awarded to ATCO Frontec Corp to provide support services to
Canadian troops in Bosnia at a cost of $83 million over a
two-year period.
ATCO Frontec will provide support related to non-tactical
engineering, communications and logistic services
including food services, transportation, facilities
management, potable water, environmental protection, etc.
There are two schools of thought on this, as far as I can
1 It will free up resources which have been desperately
strained on extensive deployments in the recent past. It
will reduce the number of repeat tours imposed on our
members in the words of the news release: "will reduce the
strain of high operational tempo on Canadian Forces

2 It opens the door to even more cuts to our CSS
structure. With an increased reliance on civilian
contractors, we will no longer need such a large base of
CSS pers to be available to support operations.
If we reduce our capabilities, where will we turn if we for
some reason need those resources. What happens if the
situation in Bosnia turns sour? Will the civvies be pulled
and Canadian CSS troops reinserted? If so, what have we
really accomplished???
I understand the American, British, French and Austrailian
military forces are already employing civilian contractors
on deployed operations, but I‘m not sure if it is to the
same extent as the recently approved Canadian contract.
Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? Where do you stand?
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