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Aircrew Medical costs for applicants

paleomedic said:
If you were deemed to be V2, I have to believe you missed more than a few letters on the last line of the chart.
But you are correct that pilot is V2.

At the standard medical he wrote me down as V2, which I am assuming is less than 20/20. He then sent me to an optometrist, stating that the optometrist would provide more detailed testing. She filled out the form listed in this forum. She also wrote me down as 6/6 in both eyes. I asked if this corresponded to 20/20 vision, and she said yes, but not perfect. The thing I messed up at the optometrist, from what I recall, was mistaking a number 2 rotated 90 degrees as an S, thinking that it must be a letter since I was just reeling off letters from the charts before.

At ACS pt2., I had trouble with the last line, which corresponded with the seventh line looking down the viewing instrument. No problems with the lines before. I know it was the last line because you are given all the lines at one time, each getting smaller and finer as you go down the screen shot.

Anyway, standard medical -> Not sure if it was last line. ACS pt.2 -> Sure it was last line.
mckenziepiping said:
Yeah that's the issue... they want me to do all the medical testing before Aircrew Selection, which has a 90% fail rate. So it's shitty to risk hundreds of dollars with a 10% chance of success. Anyway I think I've figured it out and it is gonna cost me $100 for the eye stuff but everything else will be covered by provincial healthcare if I can find a sketchy doctor to write me referrals even though the testing is not medically required

That's interesting, I did ACS before any medical stuff.