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All Things CAF and Covid/ Covid Vaccine [merged]

I knew him first as a Capt and my Ops O. He'd be a hard man to take down. I know how bad COVID hit me, but that was nothing compared to Kyle's experience.
Covid is a funny thing and not haha funny. I’m immunocompromised - or so I’m told - but have never contracted Covid.

Oh how nice. Our PCO manipulating the facts. Do you think the PCO deserves more or less trust after this? I guess that will depend on where your ideology stands on individual freedoms.
Denying information to the peasants is an eternal characteristic of politics, but it's certainly egregious in an age of information.
Guessing that if he were not, this situation would be loudly declared as an example of consequence for not getting vaccinated.
It was May 2021, so initial vaccine rollout was still ramping up. I caught in around that same time, didn't have anything that bad, but was still down hard with long COVID symptoms for ages (which only started getting better after the vaccine, but still bugging me two years later). Glad he came out of it, even if he has to leave the military.

Somewhat irrelevant at the time as your choice didn't matter if it wasn't available and we were locked down anyway.
To my great surprise, I got asked by the CAF this week if my COVID vaccination was still up to date...

"What year is it?" I wondered. Didn't realize we were still playing in this circus. All the animals have been sent back to the zoo, the crowds have come and gone, the tents are all packed up and ready to go. Yet the clown show carries on.

No one even thinks about this in my daily life.