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All things CF98 (merged)


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Where can I get the CF 98 form?  Can I still fill it out even if the accident happened a few months ago?  Is there another form I have to fill out to report an injury?  DND 663...633?? 
I would suggest going to the Base Orderly Room. I had to fill one out last year when i screwed up my shoulder and thats where I went. Don't know if all bases are the same though.
Unit orderly room would probably be a better first stop...
Here is the DAOD reference, the form is not linked:

Report of Injuries and Exposure to Toxic Substances

Your unit will have copies of the form. Ensure you identify witnesses, if any, and ask them to provide statements. (That will save your Pl Comd from tracking them down based solely on the information you provide in the CF 98.) Be as detailed as possible in your statements, these forms are often the sole basis of supporting (or failing to support) claims for medical pensions a decade or two later, when it's impossible to add details.

Don't worry about the DND 663, your unit Safety Officer can fill that one out, thoigh you may be asked for details at some point. The DND 663 is a statistics gathering tool used by the CF to collect data on accidents to look for trends that may help to identify training requirements, equipment deficiencies, etc. They are important in their own right, but whether or not one is completed will not affect your file and the progress of the CF 98.
Can I still report the accident even if it was not directly related to my work?  What happened was I slipped on a patch of ice on the base and fractured the tailbone...   

What about if I had an injury that occurred a few months ago, but I am not sure as to the exact cause...I just know it happened during basic training... ?? 
the CF 98 is supposed to be initiated within 14 days of injury. A"couple months ago" might be too long, especially if you didn't seek medical aid upon injury.
Well, I did seek medical aid for that 1st injury a few months ago...did physio and all that...
Greywolf said:
What happened was I slipped on a patch of ice on the base and fractured the tailbone...
Yep, that would go on a CF98 and possibly a HAZOR too.  Were you wearing the wet weather boots at the time?

"Supposed to be" in 14 days, but I've seen many accepted late.  Your CoC should have all the paperwork.
  As my chief clerk reminds us on a far too constant basis, "when it comes to CF98, it's better slightly late than never."  You don't want to end up incapable of working due to an injury 10 years down the road and not be able to be compensated for it because you didn't fill out that stupid little form.
Good day,

I'm wondering if there is a way to verify the status on a CF 98, without the help of the chain of command?

Last year, I had to put two in for the same injury. They "lost" the first one...They made me do an another one. Never heard of it.
I got evasive answers that's all. I was expecting to get something in the mail, at least.

Any info would be appreciated.
Regards ,

I have a copy of my statement ,but the form wasn't completed my the higher ops.
So basically, I filled my part of the form only ,never seen the paper again.

I won't start on the "conspiration theory" and such. I only want  to know if it went through. If at the other end there is nothing ,it tells me where it went.

Thanks for the reply!

I'm wondering if there is a way to verify the status on a CF 98, without the help of the chain of command?

Go to the MPSS and ask them is there a CF 98 on your pers file.  If not then go back to the chain of command to ascertain its whereabouts.

In a perfect world the clerk who you give the CF98 to for signatures should of done the following with it:

Send the original to Ottawa with a tracking number (DND 728)
Give you a copy (with all signatures, attachment...)
Put a copy of everything in your pers file

Hope this helps

Thanks to all for the valuable info!

I have a better understanding of the process now.

Can't wait to figure out what's going on!


I have searched all over for a working link to a CF98 form but found nothing.  If anyone can  help me out I'd appreciate it.  (It turns out that the CF98 needs to be typed and not hand-written)