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All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)


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Not too surprising...

New study shows higher incidence of violent crime in poor Vancouver neighbourhoods, theft in wealthier ones​

Casual observation at work would bear this out. Further, in these neighbourhoods, there is little stranger on stranger violence. The victim and perp typically have a common nexus.


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Brace for impact, stay on your toes:

22 things you need to know about B.C. business and the economy in 2022​

1. The big picture is mixed​

Several forces are converging to deny B.C. and the rest of the world a smooth COVID recovery. “The economy is improving because the pandemic is ebbing and the economy is reopening,” says David Williams of the Business Council of B.C. “But we are running into some headwinds and difficulties with supply chains and global supply.” So the outlook for global and Canadian economic growth has been downgraded for 2022, with some of that expansion pushed back to 2023. “At the same time, inflation has ended up being far higher, broader and more sustained than many central banks had projected.”

2. An economic rebound hides fundamental flaws​

As of December, the BCBC forecast the province’s real GDP growth at 5 percent for 2021 and 4 percent this year, versus 4.3 percent for Canada as a whole. Still, the economic fundamentals are much softer than those relatively strong numbers suggest, Ken Peacock stresses. “If you look across different industry sectors, for nine of the 16 broad industry categories, employment levels are still below pre-pandemic levels,” he says of B.C. “So more than half the industries have not seen jobs recover to where they were, and we’re almost two years out now.”

3. Inflation looks like it’s here to stay​

Anyone convinced that the current wave of inflation is a passing phase could be disappointed. After the Bank of Canada upgraded its year-average inflation forecast by a full percentage point, Williams says, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 4.7 percent year-over-year in October. “So these are very difficult times for Team Transitory.”

With inflation not expected to return to 2-percent levels until 2024, Peacock holds out hope that higher prices will ease somewhat. “But if we see 5-, 5.5-, 6-percent inflation stick around for two or three or four years, purchasing power is going to be severely eroded,” he says. “Households will fall behind. And this, I think, is a potential problem for this provincial government, which, from the day it was elected, has been very interested in raising well-being and prosperity for households, personal incomes.”

Economic inflation 2022 graph
Sources: Statistics Canada, BC Stats, Business Council of B.C.

4. Interest rates have nowhere to go but up​

Uncomfortably high inflation means that businesses should plan for rising interest rates, says Central 1’s Bryan Yu. He thinks the market’s call for three rate increases this year and two in 2023 is aggressive, though, given that the economy isn’t fully healed. “It’s heading in the right direction, but whether that warrants three hikes is debatable.”

In real terms after inflation, Williams notes, Canada’s policy interest rate is –4.5 percent. “Interest rates affect the economy with a lag of about two quarters to six quarters,” he says. “So you’ve got to ask whether a real policy rate of –4.5 percent is what the economy really needs in six to 18 months. It doesn’t look like it needs that kind of stimulus.”

With real interest rates at an all-time low, the Bank of Canada has promised not to change the policy rate until the second half of 2022. “With inflation now at 4.7 percent, it’s very difficult to believe that the central bank will leave interest rates on hold for that period of time,” says Williams, who points out that the BoC recently hinted at a second- or third-quarter hike. “But that still seems an awfully long time to leave interest rates, in real terms, being very significantly negative.” If real rates quickly move closer to zero, “that would be a very contractionary effect on the economy, and I don’t think the economy is all that strong and robust.”



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Interesting new info about Omicron:

The Omicron variant can survive longer than earlier versions of the coronavirus on plastic surfaces and human skin, Japanese researchers found in laboratory tests.

Its high “environmental stability” - its ability to remain infectious - might have helped Omicron replace Delta as the dominant variant and spread rapidly, they said. On plastic surfaces, average survival times of the original strain and the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta variants were 56 hours, 191.3 hours, 156.6 hours, 59.3 hours, and 114.0 hours, respectively. That compared to 193.5 hours for Omicron, the researchers reported on bioRxiv ahead of peer review. On skin samples from cadavers, average virus survival times were 8.6 hours for the original version, 19.6 hours for Alpha, 19.1 hours for Beta, 11.0 hours Gamma, 16.8 hours for Delta and 21.1 hours for Omicron.

On skin, all of the variants were completely inactivated by 15 seconds of exposure to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. “Therefore,” the researchers conclude, “it is highly recommended that current infection control (hand hygiene) practices use disinfectants... as proposed by the World Health Organization.”



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Interesting new info about Omicron:

In the Plague Inc. mobile phone game I'm pretty sure you can buy upgrades for your virus to make it more transmissible and last longer, among other mutations.

reaches for tinfoil


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So what? Is this some kind of garbage gotcha moment where Jan 6 is a boogeyman? I know what you want to hear, but thankfully Freedom of Expression is the only charter right COVID hasn't spit on yet.
I'd call it a boogeyman if the guy didn't outright say it. It's a direct quote. It wasn't clipped or made to sound like he was saying something else.

"We'll all go to Parliament and show them what's what" would make Jan 6 look like a boogeyman. This is one step away from the Bond villain telling him what they are (well, someone should be) planning on doing.

I'm not law enforcement, but it sounds an awful lot like a threat.


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Man, I wish the Liberals and NDP were held to account for the people in the causes they support like the Tories are torched everytime some dumbass acts out like that yellow star. Half of the Liberal staffers would be gone for their antisemitic crap about Israel.

I get it, you guys want to hate them. That's fine, live for the rest of your life with a vax pass for a cold, boosters every 6 months and the social credit system that follows from having to prove you're "clean" to partake in public. Or you can be on the right side of history and support countries like the UK who fared exponentially worse than us and are tossing all those things away.

let it go GIF


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Hate who exactly?

And you really believe we’ll have vacc passports forever?

Boosters every year sure, like the flu shot.

But really?

Just in case Canada's right wing extremists weren't paranoid enough ;)

The Resilience of Online Right-Wing Extremism in Canada​

20th July 2021

new report from ISD documents the latest findings of a study that tracks the online ecosystems used by right-wing extremists in Canada. This analysis forms part of a larger study into Canadian right-wing extremism, led by a team of researchers at Ontario Tech University (OTU) in partnership with Michigan State University and the University of New Brunswick.

Drawing on the full analysis provided in the report –
which looks at over 3 million messages sent by over 2,400 groups, channels and accounts associated with Canadian right-wing extremism across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, 4chan, and Telegram – this Dispatch presents the key trends in the online activity of Canadian right-wing extremists in 2020.



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It sounds like the hyperbolic language you hear when a bunch of pissed off people get together and talk. You also cut the quote off to support your narrative. He went on to say "Not from our guys though, but from somebody. I'd like to see that." (paraphrase)

That is not a threat.

The website for this convoy is almost at 600,000 signed up members. Last estimate from a couple of days ago for participants was 500,000 and growing fast. Support is in the millions with best wishes from the Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland and many other countries. American truckers have been coming north to help. The go fund me is currently around $4.5 million.

And you decide to zero in on this one person as an example as what these millions of Canadians, that are participating and supporting this movement are really all about. Millions of Canadians who are fearful of what this PM is going to do, where he's taking us and what our country will look like when he's done. What they can afford for the next meal or whether they'll have a roof over their heads. Zero compassion for your fellow Canadians because of one quote.

While I'm here, let's dispell your other canard about special interests stealing the donations and laughing about it. You can read how wrong you were about it straight from the horses mouth. BTW, your particular bent on this was started by none other than Gerald Butts on Twitter and good little communists are trying to make it stick.
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Ah so Tamara Lich says it’s all good. If the people that donated are satisfied with a reassuring Facebook post then who are we to argue.

But I’m willing to bet in a few months we’ll be reading about “where did all the money go”. Wouldn’t be the first time, won’t be the last.