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Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

Yes they do; it's called scouting.

Edit: just noticed @Baz beat me to it.
I'm going to start another threat for this discussion tomorrow (just got in from work iand I'm gassed). We can tear it apart there as I have some rather chauvanistic opinions on the issue, lol

Yea it really frustrated me when RJOC would say "what the heck are you doing?" when we would hail vessels in the MARLOAs who were either not shining on AIS, or their IMO didn't match their AIS data... like... it's literally in the standing OPTASK RMP.
MCDV that intercepted a Chinese "civilian" ship in the arctic had a converstion with RJOC went something like this:

MCDV - Hey that Chinese ship you told us about, we found it.
RJOC - OK don't talk to it, we want you to observe
MCDV - To late we hailed them, they told us they were here basically to spy on us
RJOC -WTF? Why would you do that?
MCDV - Its our job dumbass

At least in my head cannon the conversation went like that. From what I was told the Chinese ship was super open on what they were doing.
Meanwhile our man in Havana......

You have to admit, sending an AOP's to tail them is a major diss. "Your not worth sending a CFP". On the plus side excellent training for the AOP;s crew and a port where their dollar goes far.

I have friends who did the Vladivostok port visit in the 1990s.

The Russians just paint over everything, including the rust, hinges, doors and hatches…