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Armor Warfare

George Wallace

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It looks like Armor Warfare is now open to all to test.


If WoT is getting you down, this may pick you up some.

Speaking of WOT, is there no thread on that? I would have imagined there is a bigger player base on that game than WoWS that only recently came out.
Back to Armor Warfare.  It is now at Open Beta:

Downloaded it yesterday... already have 6 tanks. Doesnt take long to get some fun tier II stuff. Its a great game so far! If anyone wants to add me, "SixThreeDelta" on Armored Warfare.
Sent requests to everyone who posted their username. For anyone that would like to add me my name is "Rhubarbs"
Got into a Bn and have been playing as a 5 tank platoon in the PVE option.  What a great way to really enjoy the game while building up your crew XP and earning XP for upgrades; not to mention build up your cash reserves. 

I would say that this game is already blowing the doors off WoT. 

I have not heard any news yet as to them creating an app to allow Apple users an opportunity to enjoy the game.  Apple users are still restricted to what WoT has to offer at the moment.
Artillery is actually easier than WOT, but so is counter battery fire, so shoot and scoot to live. I find the main improvement over WOT is the damage modeling, if you shot a module in WOT the damage repeats at the same level till the tank is destroyed. In AW, the module takes a hit suffers damage, the next hit at the same location will do minimal damage. This applies to things like cupolas.