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Hello All, I previously visited a website that had a multitude of documents for the three elements of the CF. I saved the website but got a virus on my computer and subsequently, had to re-install my operating system. I am now looking for the website and more specifically the Cold Weather Indoctrination Hdbk. If you could help please PM me as the messgae will be sent straight to my email. Thanks in advance. GO ARMY
Hey,  I opted to post this here (vice PM) as other might be interested.

I could not find the Canadian pub on AEL, but there are 2 American pubs online which are quite good.  (Basic Cold Weather Manual) and  (Northern Operations). 

Although they look a little dated, they have some great stuff in them, and are no less dated then the CF pubs (when are they going to update the CF Cold Weather pubs?).

Cheers and enjoy

Thanks for the help although none of the above mentioned sites were what I was looking for. I think it was hosted in part by Docushare. If anyone else can help or knows any possible sites, please don't hesitate to post. Thanks in advance once again.
Thats it! Thanks a million. I'm sure you enlighten others for I doubt everyone has seen this very resourceful site.