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At CFLRS St Jean right now.


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Hey everyone, how's it goin?

I'm here at St- jean, CFLRS. I'm going on week three very soon and it's pretty great here. Just saying hi to everyone and things are goin well. Anyone have any questions pm me if you want.

Hey :) i'll be at St-Jean on monday 15 :D

and start out the next day :) can't wait to be here :)
I want to know if any people, if any, dropped out in your course so fair.

Are you given much free time to call home or email?
I would like to know what sort of things are going on in an average day for you? Are you running every morning or three times a week?

My friend recently graduated from basic and said they had actually stopped running from week5 and up due to time contraints, which I find somewhat sad. So, I thought I would ask how things are going there?
started with 60 guys, we have 6 dropped out so far..there will be more that i can see

its too hard to say what we do on the average day..5am get up work til 11pm...
From what I've seen, people mainly drop out of course because

- They just don't like it, an it isn't what they thought they'd be doing in the Military or whatever.
- Medical reasons, ie getting injured
- Can't take it, the physicall activity, stress, don't like being yelled at, etc.
- Family/Personal Reasons, ie death in the family, conflicts with work/school(only applicable for reserve)
how stupid can 1 b , dropping out after all that waiting !!!!!! ???!!!!!!!!!! ???!!!!!!!!
how stupid can 1 b , dropping out after all that waiting !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! 

Well reasons 2/4 cant really be controlled
Hey, sorry my last post was so short, I really had no time.

Um, I'm writing this from the break room, we can go here after work which is usually around 5ish...we have supper then we go to our cubicles upstairs on whatever floor you're on (9th floor for me..haha) and do your thing and prepare for the next day..iron, sew...you'll do ALOT of sewing haha...and laundry and clean..it's really not that 'hard'..it might be rough but it's not 'hard'..they tell you everything you need to do, and as long as you have alot of drive, work hard and 'listen' and do what they say, you'll be ok.

people dropped out because they didn't like it, or made up excuses like, 'its not for me'..we havent even started yet....

so its all good here, anymore questions just ask me..ill fly on here when i can..

later boys..time to go again :)
ahh yes..sewing.

After you get all your kit.. for me 3 days after I got here, we had to sew a 2 inch label with this ironing tape to our kit. There must have been at least 150+ pieces of kit to sew this label on. First iron it, don't cheat and just sew it on. Then label then sew it.. Jesus, our fingers were all messed up after that weekend let me tell ya haha. Sewing from friday til sunday night, insane, none of us knew how to sew, we just had sewing kits thrown at us and they said here, sew this to all your kit by monday. ..uh...

we did though, everyone freaks out at first but when you get the hang of it its all good. We did get it done on time, ..most of us. What happened to the other half? well... I'll let you guys find out when you get here heh heh.

It would be good to learn how to sew before you come here, not a requirment because you have to, if you know or you don't know. Knowing how to iron helps, and fold clothes...heh heh. Oh well I'm learning.

This morning we got up at 415am. Went out for a run by like 5am we had to be formed up, ran and stretched did pushups and all that good stuff til around 6am. Then flew back upstairs had to shower and change and eat breakfast, fly back upstairs (9 flights) and then get ready for inspection. Then we had drill today and we are starting on first aid classes.

9 people threw up today, theres a huge flu going around, i dont know what it is, and dont have it..yet.

anyways gotta go, laundry machine awaits me in my room haha.

later guys, keep the questions comin.
Ah yes....Shack hack!
Learn to love it because anywhere you go and live in a close setting ie:barracks,that flu follows with you.The best part is it hangs around forever,and when you finally get over it,you get the new and improved version!
I could tell you a story about a whole room in Gagetown one year that got crabs.....the one thing in the army you don't want to share!
Good luck and have fun.The grass on the other side is even more green!
Also, how many pushups+crunches in a day? About 100-150???

Ohhh! WHAT DO YOU GET TO EAT FOR LUNCH+DINNER!?!??! I know what you get for breakfast and that rocks!

Thanks in advance BTW!

PS> Got called and swearing in Nov 25th for Reserve Infantry!
Week three and they're letting you fart around on the Internet.

Proof that basic training isn't being treated as an indoctrination into a total institution.
Yes, things sure have changed!   Doesn't sound a bit like Cornwallis.   (OK, I fib, we still had to do the sewing, and we had the "Cornwallis Hack" which was a cold-type cough that lasted until you left).   Regardless, doesn't matter who you talk to, someone always had it worse.  

I admit that I am enjoying the updates by CL84.   I find it entertaining, to say the least.   I was in St. Jean last November, for my first time ever, and must admit that the "Mega" is something to behold.   I never said I liked it, or agreed with how things are done, but it was quite a concept having almost every facility indoors.   Personally, I found it too confining.   I'd take the Cornwallis Hack back anyday.   That being said, I wonder if they still feel, "Ten feet tall and bullet-proof" on graduation parade...one of the best parades of your career?

Oh well, for those about to graduate, and for those that are taking the big leap into the CF   :salute:   Make the best of it, because the bad times are often forgotten, in lieu of the good times.   Years down the road, you'll continue to laugh about "Basic" with people you joined with, that you'll meet in the strangest of places.   I wouldn't give it up for the world ;D   There really is "No life like it" (Why did they ever get rid of those commercials?)

I've got a question for you guys that are at basic and that have done basic.  If I get up remotely early(anything before 8:30), I feel like total shit, did any of you guys have this?  If so did it remedy fairly fast as you body got use to the regiment?
i have the same problem with the "early bird" issue, but from what I've seen and heard (and will be living in 10 weeks or so (cant wait)) the adrenaline rush is so amazing, you wont have that shitty morning feeling anymore during that time.