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At CFLRS St Jean right now.

hey boys! its goin good here so far. dont get all worked up ok, its not as hard as hard as everyone thinks it is/ as long as you just do what your told, and dont take what the instructors say to heart...your fine. everyone here is cool. me shuleav, mavrick and chris lapoint and good buds and were havin lots of fun.

a basic day
5 am - get up make bed shave clean your quarters then go eat chow
7 am - form up and go for some classes (drill, military knowledge first aid NBCD)
11- lunch
12- more classes
430 - o group
then u got for dinner and have the rest of the night to polish, iron and clean. no free time, you always have to be doing something.

the computers here are terrible and you need to pay for them so sorry if this is so short. dont stress over it though guys seriously.

oh and dont piss any RCR Mcpls off when doing drill because you do pushups until you drop.
haha yeah i was there. pte shulaev decided , during drill class it would be best to roll his eyes at a mcpl from the rcr..who is infantry...

well...we were already making this mcpl mad because we all sucked so bad..this is back in week 3.. i got my 6 friday. :)

anyways, he kept repeating 'dont let the infantry in me come out, dont let it come out'..he was psycho man..holy.. :) then shulaev rolled his eyes, he seen it and said PUSH UP POSITION....well, at week 3...and before you've done any physical training what soever, pushups for 30 mins is kinda hard on ya :P we dropped, that was the day we got our butts kicked and after that whole spiel..he said one thing ill never forget,

'tough times dont last, tough people do' and well, thats going on our tshirt because thats the same day 11 people quit, we got our butts kicked and things started to pick up... :)

so yeah, lesson.... dont roll your eyes at any instructor, especially infantry dudes , they get very mad very easily.

anyways, im on my weekend leave right now in montreal..the very dirty montreal i'd like to add haha. im having a good time though, been too busy to really write or post on here til now.. i cant believe how much time i had in the first week or two at cflrs...

for anyone coming in, just stick out the first 3 weeks, thats generally the 'hardest' part...it's not even 'hard' ...its HARD to explain if that makes any sense haha. after you get the jist of things, its great. just stick it out and dont quit.. eventually you dont have enough time to quit anyways so whatever :P

anyways, im rambling...so im gonna go now, any questions just post em and ill try to get back to you, thanks


A note for anyone doing basic, watch out for that crazy-assed SAR Tech Sargeant who teaches drill. I got jackep up by him for not marching and talking on the first floor of the Mega when I had 3 days left on my course. That said, I can't believe I'm looking forward to going back there this summer, despite the fact I hate the place. You just can't forget the good times, like getting up at 4:30 to get ready for PT. Ah the memories... BTW, has anyone here had WO P... (Vandoos), Sgt M... (Logistics) MCpl M... (RCR) or MCpl C... (Logisitics)? If you have had any of them, or have them now, you're in for one heck of a ride. Wouldn't trade them for anything after my course with them. I just hope I get even one of them for BOTP. Oh yeah, anybody done SLT at the Mega? If so, how is it? (I mean the summer training version...)

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You don't do any PT during the first 3 weeks? That doesn't sound right, I don't even llike skipping a day of working out cause I don't want to get soft before I start next month.
Yeah no PT is weird.  I mean, I've only been in 5 years but its already changed a whole lot.  Only day without PT then was day 1, when buses rolled in and you had your bunk assigned. 
"Never pass out a PT opportunity" they said... when they really meant "We'll never let you pass out a PT opportunity"  ;D

Why is Montreal dirty tho?  I like the place!  Theres a bunch of staffers in St-Jean from my regiment, any of you people run into CGG people there?
The forces are required to keep it easy on the PT until CFEXPRES is done and all pers are cleared for full PT.

BEcause of all the paperwork & admin, and kit, and all that administrivia in the first few weeks, it doesnt suprise me that hard PT wasnt instilled until early on.

PLus.. PT is only hardcore in later phases/SQ anyway :)

Boy is this memories of my time there....    I can't believe I want to go back.....  those flights of stairs are brutal coming back from Farnham... racing up them with full ruck and rifle and having a platoon coming down at the same time is rediculous.
Hey   guys. The life in basic, whats is the deal with free time?   after 1730 its your personal time to get stuff done but do you get weekends off or some deal like that?

ahh yes..sewing.

After you get all your kit.. for me 3 days after I got here, we had to sew a 2 inch label with this ironing tape to our kit. There must have been at least 150+ pieces of kit to sew this label on. First iron it, don't cheat and just sew it on. Then label then sew it.. Jesus, our fingers were all messed up after that weekend let me tell ya haha. Sewing from friday til sunday night, insane, none of us knew how to sew, we just had sewing kits thrown at us and they said here, sew this to all your kit by monday. ..uh...

we did though, everyone freaks out at first but when you get the hang of it its all good. We did get it done on time, ..most of us. What happened to the other half? well... I'll let you guys find out when you get here heh heh

So what does happen???
Even in general if you don't complete something?
You get directives if you get in crap.

How it works for most people...is you get counsellings before you get directives, until week 4. Every time you get in crap after week 4 you get a directive. Before week 4 you get 2 counsellings. (warnings) before you get a directive...so if you got 2 counsellings before week for then messed up again you'd get a directive. you get 7 directives before you get prb'd. ...basically, you get booted out or you get recoursed to week 1. uh..you get 3 attitudes and three po failures before you get the boot as well ..or recourse....

hope this sort of helps...thats how it goes down when you get in crap.so dont...
Heatwave said:
Yes, things sure have changed!   Doesn't sound a bit like Cornwallis.    [ ....we had the "Cornwallis Hack" which was a cold-type cough that lasted until you left).   Regardless, doesn't matter who you talk to, someone always had it worse.  

20+ years later I still have it. Is there a Heart Break Hill in St.Jean?
I Remember doing section attacks up the Hill of Despair in Aldershot. I am sure both have their endearing qualities.
7 directives or so? 3 attitudes and 3 po's?

Good God you would have to be a complete moron to fail Basic, barring some kind of exceptional event like medical reasons etc.
You may want to explain what a "PO failure" is. I don't even know, as I didn't go recruit side.
There is a guy in our platoon that is still here somehow, with 6 directives, about to get his 3rd PO failure (He's doing his weapon test right now and the rest of us are in the break area) and 1 attitude. There are some people with no common sense, or ability to just listen. Crap happens, sometimes it's really really stupid mistakes you make that get you directives. Me for example, I have 1 directive, because after inspection I tossed my towels in my locker. You are supposed to leave them out, so I got a directive. That was my first and last directive. I learned, but some people don't.

I'm sure I can be corrected on this....but here goes.

Attitude, you get 3 and then you're out - don't tell your Platoon Commander or Section Commander, or ANYONE to f-off, or roll your eyes or anything like that. Simple.

PO failure - you get 3 and you get booted or recoursed, if you fail a big test, like captains inspection or like....weapons test or first aid test, crap like that. Don't fail anything, when they tell you to study, just study....everything is multiple choice anyhow..so yeah..nuff said.

Directives..you will probobly get at least one, some people in our platoon have none, some have like 5 or 6 and are on their way out...some have 1.. if there is any trick to not getting directives its pay attention to detail, follow every command word for word and listen.

We just did our captains inspection, holy stress. I passed, but we were stressed pretty bad the night before and prior to the inspection. Had our weapons test yesterday and got perfect on it. Horray *insert cheer* And this afternoon we have the drill test, then we leave tomorrow for xmas break.

I agree, you'd have to be pretty dumb to fail basic, but it happens, what can you do.
Wait.. I believe it is Primary Objective  right? or something like that... relates to the objectives of the training stream. *tries to recall*

Whiskey 601,

During my short opportunity I had to "visit" St. Jean and Farnham, I don't recall anything like Heartbreak Hill.  Nothing that required ropes to help you up the extremely steep parts, that's for sure.

As for PO...I believe it stands for Performance Objective.  The student must perform the task (written, or otherwise) to the requirements of the lesson.  This allows the student to learn a major lesson in broken down steps, and also confirms to the instructor as to whether or not the lessons are being received correctly by the students.  These all lead up to the EO...or Evaluation Objective.  The point of where all the lessons learned on the PO's are combined to end in one big test. 

This is how I've always been exposed to it, please advise if it has changed.

PO = performance objective
EO = Enabeling objective

Example of PO would be "fire infantry weapons" ( PO 404)

The EO's for that would be something like

C7 (404.01)
C6 (404.02)

EO enable a student to complete a PO witch is tested on a PC ( performance check)

Exactly so when the OCDT's and PTE(R)'s finish their EO's they begin towrds their PO's ASAP so they can be PC'd at the CFLRS or they're RTUd and have to be RC'd on another BMQ/BOQ. One day they might become VIPs but keep that on the DL lest someone goes AWOL and everything turns FUBAR.

Is it English? Sort of.