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Azerbaijani and Armenian military Clashes

Probably becasue they needed to be, of course.

Both armies are also conscript armies, which come with a variety of advantages that we will never really have access to like large numbers of trained troops available relatively quickly.
That reminds me of liaison visit Old Sweat and I had to an Alpini artillery regiment in the Alps which was 90% made up of conscripts. There was a young 2nd Lt (they actually conscript a herd of people and some are trained as 2nd Lts and others as Sgts while the rest fill in all the remaining OR positions) who was an architect in civvy life and whose only assignment with the regiment was to make the panorama sketches used at the observation post. They were absolutely gorgeous paintings suitable for framing. When you conscript you do get a good cross section of society in the ranks.

I'm still a firm believer that if you do a reserve system right, you can also get a good cross section of skilled and capable folks to do a wide variety of trades to use in a real emergency (not this headquarters Class B carousel that the CAF is on but real emergencies)

Whew.... that's a tough read.

Good thing we're buying a new pistol because that's, like, super important in modern conflicts like this, right? :)

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They looked at a product and said "Hey, these will come in handy if we find ourselves in a war. Let's negotiate a price and buy them." BOOM. DONE. Doesn't look like a lot of f**kery behind the scenes.

I agree 100%. If by developing world, you mean common sense & efficient ;)