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Basic sept 4th

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Hey I just got my call today I do my swear in aug 24th and basic starts Sept 4th for me.
I'm RCR Infantry, anyone else have this date?
I'll be there. I'm definitely looking forward to it, should be some good times. PPCLI infantry here.

See you guys there. ;)
Is this the Borden BMQ?  If so, I will also be there.

Combat Engineer  ;D
Well the plans have changed for me. Same start date (Sept 4th) but instead of heading to St. Jean, I'm heading to Borden. I'm not sure if thats good, bad, or doesn't make a difference. Oh well, less travel time!  :)
HiredGoon10 said:
I'll be there. I'm definitely looking forward to it, should be some good times. PPCLI infantry here.

See you guys there. ;)

How do you know you're going PPCLI?
My BMQ will also start on September 4th in Borden, I will be regular force Infantry Soldier in RCR as well.  :)
Yeah there was a guy in my bmq that was told that too. He VR'd right after grad because he had gone around telling everyone he was PPCLI and making quite a fuss about it. A few days before grad all the reg f guys were taken to a room and given their orders. He got RCR. I heard he's now trying to enlist in the AirForce.
Well if PPCLI is not in the cards for me well than that's fine too. I'd be perfect content with RCR.
That's good to hear. I tried to tell the other guy there was no shame in either, he should be proud to serve in whatever regiment he's put in to, but he had his little heart set on PPCLI. Good luck at bmq!
So what are you guys doing for working out. I have been running every other day and doing push-ups every day.
I am going to Saint Jean It s weird that some other guys who are going RCR infantry are going to Borden and I am going to Saint Jean and am RCR infantry. (so I was told) it doesn't matter where I go but it would be good to stick with others that could be posted to your same unit.

As for getting ready for BMQ I work out at the GYM 5 days a week each day is a different muscle. Within that work out I will through in a swim or a 45 min elliptical cardio. Lately it has been a swim. Every other night I go for a run which is about 3.5 to 4 km.

When I stared working out I was 230 I now weigh 209 which I think is a good result. Anyways who is going Saint Jean I will see you there.
Here is a link to CFB Borden's website, I didn't find much BMQ related information on it though.
And St Jean if you don't already know it.
I'm currently on my BMQ at Aldershot and I'm on my third week. BMQ is one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. I've met so many great people and my platoon instructors are funny as hell. The whole course is just one great time, you guys enjoy!


                                    Pte. Dornan, WNSR