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Beating in Mexico


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The man who supposedly assaulted that Calgary lady is recanting, stating he was tortured into confessing.

See the link:


His on camera confession, to me at least, was suspect. Anyone else see this coming?


I was surprised at the speed of delivery of a "suspect".  The Mexican authorities no doubt are concerned with the preception Mexcio is not a place tourists feel safe.  This fellow may be a local shitrat of some sort who'll do on short notice, but then again he may actually be guilty as well.  The police et al have a reputation of not sparing the rod so to speak and I'm sure he was visited by the "giant white mouse". 

The Canadian woman who has been held in custody over the Gadaffi clan accusations also claims she was tortured in custody.  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2012/01/31/vanier-torture-letter.html  Personally, I have little to no faith in the justice system there and I would not go anywhere near the place on my own dime.