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Binoculars - Bausch and Lomb WW1 or WW2 ?

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Regarding the images - Any  idea of their age?

on the left eye plate,  in a circle:

  Zeiss Prism Stereo
        8 x 25

on the right eye plate, in a circle:

Baush & Lomb Optical Co    Rochester NY

with reverse triangle in centre of circle reading
      B  -  L
        Z  S

and imprinted with MoD arrow, &  CI.435  {might be C1.435}

anything with the broad arrow is British and will also have the date , large C with broad arrow is Canadian and will also have a date , most Canadian WW 2 binos were produced by REL in Toronto , I have several pairs , both army and RCAF , cases are also marked and dated, most military binos will have adjustable lens on both sides with elevation grids, hope this helps,
regards Frank