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BMQ - August 2011


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Didn't see any threads for the August BMQ so I thought I'd start one up!

My file manager told me my course starts on August 29th.

Coming from Calgary here.
Sounds like I'll be joining you guys.... I'm from Edmonton, starting August 29th as well.... Armoured.
Count me in as well for the 29th!! :salute:

Coming from Edmonton, going in as a Combat Engineer!
I got the call a week ago, August 1st 2011 for me for Naval Communicator. Coming from Belleville, Ontario!!

So see yah around after August 29th, Congrats all!!
Got the call from CFRC Vancouver 2 days ago for AC Op.  Going to St Jean on the 29th as well!!! :cdn:
Hey folks I slapped up a Facebook group called "BMQ August 2011" if anybody is interested in seeing each other's ugly mugs before being stuck with em.
Going in as Armoured. Got the call today. :)
Will probably be an August BMQ but I'll find out next week!
I'll be joining the August 29 BMQ as a Signal Operator. Coming from Grande Prairie (CFRC Edmonton). It's going to be a great time...exciting, challenging, tiring, but rewarding! Look forward to meeting all of you there!